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Would a Worm Go On a Walk?

Would a Worm Go On a Walk?

By: Hannah C. Hall
Illustrated by: Bill Bolton
Publisher: Ideals Children’s Books
Publication Date: April 2016
ISBN: 978-0824956776
Reviewed by: Holly Connors
Review Date: March 3, 2016

What do worms do? Do they go for walks? On a leash with a loving child at the helm? Well, gosh, that sounds pretty silly! And that’s exactly the premise of this delightful new children’s book.

Would a Worm Go On a Walk? opens with a worm, of course! And not just any worm but a worm going on a walk, complete with adorable little tennis shoes. Children will break out in giggles seeing the endearing worm wearing both four shoes (I guess worms have four feet?) and bright red glasses. Next the author asks her readers if a piglet would play the piano?:

Would a piglet play piano
if her teacher had her try?
Or would she sing falsetto
if her voice could go that high?

There are plenty of silly questions to follow, from rhinos wearing raincoats to turtles driving trucks. Each question seems funnier than the previous, and even this adult reviewer was laughing at the ideas of various animals doing things that God never meant them to do. And indeed, that’s how the story concludes – with the explanation that God has a purpose for each animal, and it’s not the silly things in the story. And the greatest message of all - that HIS most important creation is YOU!

The message in Would a Worm Go On a Walk? is important and presented in such an amusing way, that kids will want to read the book over and over. I can see youngsters shouting their answers to each question before the page is turned. Add in the charming, bright artwork by Bill Bolton, whose books have sold over 2.5 million copies, and you have a definite winner of a children’s book that will remind children of how special they are to God.

Quill says: A perfect bedtime story to entertain and reinforce an important message.

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