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Wild Beau and Her Kittens: The Kitty Tales Trilogy

Wild Beau and Her Kittens: The Kitty Tales Trilogy

By: Peggy Krause
Illustrated By: Christian J. Pogorzelski
Publisher: CreateSpace
Publication Date: January 2012
ISBN: 978-1-4681-1014-2
Reviewed by: Amy Lignor 
Review Date: March 2012

The saving, as well as the humane treatment of animals, is beautifully represented by this author. Not only is this an amazing story for children that is fun and lighthearted, but the kindness and ‘messages’ that flow throughout truly have parents and children loving this series.

Soupy is Molly Taylor’s cat. Soupy is a wonderful animal who loves his life; the only thing that makes him a bit sad is that he misses Ferdinand, his ‘son.’ You see, Soupy had gotten lost last summer and ended up burying himself in a hollow log in the forest, and on this particular adventure he found a tiny, hungry orphaned raccoon and immediately adopted him. Now Soupy has been home for a while but he really wants to go back to the forest and check on Ferdinand to make sure that he’s okay and having a good life in the preserve.

Soupy has some great friends who will help. There are sisters named Lola and Lila; a young, slightly nervous fluff-ball of a kitty named Puff-Puff; and an older, husky kitty named Spider Man. This little conclave of pals team up to head to the preserve to help Soupy find his son and see how he’s doing. The gang does leave Puff-Puff home to keep watch on the neighborhood while they’re gone because they can see that he’s really scared of heading into that dark, wooded place.

When the other cats get there, however, Ferdinand is not who they find. They find a young, staving kitty who is a new momma and has had hardly anything to eat. She needs to feed her kittens. The poor thing has been hurt by humans, teased by animals, and been harmed by cold weather, so when this team of strange kitties arrive she’s more than a little frightened. But a solid friendship is soon formed where the kitty-cats get together to name the new cat (Beau), and to bring her food from their own houses so that she can feel better. They want to get her and her kittens a new home so that when winter comes the little family won’t be harmed. Soupy and his pals soon get together to make a plan that will, hopefully, have everyone safe, happy, and healthy when they’re all done.

Add in the adventure of a forest journey, a big ‘raptor’ who likes to swoop down on his prey, a gang of ‘invisible’ cats who become saviors, a young ‘fluff-ball’ who ends up being a brilliant hero, and the amazing human characters who truly show what it is to love and care for a pet who needs a home and a family in order to survive, and you have a lovely book. Not to mention, the illustrations are so well-done, colorful and humorous that they add an extra something to this book that not many young reader’s books have anymore.

Quill Says: Kind, heartwarming, and offering a message of hope and humanity for the forgotten animals out there in our world.

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