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What Was I Thinking?! How Not to Date

What Was I Thinking?! How Not to Date

By: Annie Earley 
Publisher: Tribute Books 
Publication Date: November 2007 
ISBN: 978-0979504587 
Reviewed by: Lauren E. Victor 
Review Date: July 2009 

With internet dating sites so prevalent in this day and age, one is led to believe that What Was I Thinking?! How Not to Date would be a useful read for a single person. What Was I Thinking?! has potential, yet unfortunately falls short on many occasions.

The book consists of a dozen short chapters regaling various experiences with men Ms. Earley has met online, some of whom she never even met in person. A few interactions are humorous; some are fairly sad and unfortunate. The audience can appreciate her optimism and willingness to meet men who post pictures taken from afar and her ability to try to overlook comb-overs; however, it can be frustrating to bear witness to a woman who too often fails to follow her intuition.

The number of typographical errors in this published work gives it an amateurish glow, and one would expect an author with a graduate level degree to have stronger writing skills. Finally at the end of the book Ms. Earley comes close to redeeming herself by sharing general dating rules, yet most of these rules are straightforward and merely require an individual to have commonsense in order to independently achieve these thoughts. The reader can appreciate Ms. Earley for opening up her own experience to public scrutiny, but the writing also tends to lack depth and intrigue. Unfortunately, this book left me to wonder what was I thinking when I actually read it cover to cover.

Quill Says: A quick and easy read, but you’re probably better off having your own dating experiences on

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