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Weezer Changes the World

Weezer Changes the World

By: David McPhail
Publisher: Beach Lane Books 
Publication Date: December 2009
ISBN: 978-1416990000 
Reviewed by: Ellen Feld 
Review Date: December 1, 2009 

Weezer is a very cool dog! Not only can he count to ten (and even higher!), but he can also explain the law of gravity to Billy's class.

As a puppy, Weezer was an ordinary dog, doing all the things puppies do, like chew on toys. But then one day "something striking happened" and Weezer was suddenly showing amazing abilities. In addition to his math skills, the talented dog was soon exhibiting other extraordinary skills, such as helping to avert natural disasters by predicting weather patterns and helping doctors find cures for diseases. Alas, eventually Weezer again had "something striking" happen and he grew ill. People all over the world, many who had been helped by Weezer, united to help the dog get better. People agreed to feed the hungry, keep the air clean and STOP fighting. Suddenly Weezer got better.

Weezer Changes the World is a sweet story about how one person, or dog in this case, can change the world. It is a great lesson for youngsters to learn and with this gentle tale they'll see how their caring actions can improve the lives of others, one person at a time. The illustrations are simple and charming with lots of bright colors and smiling faces.

Quill says: A great book to teach children about the importance of helping others.

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