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Two for the Show

Two for the Show

By: William LeRoy
Publisher: Mossik Press
Publication Date: September 9, 2022
ISBN: 978-8-986-9494-0-6
Reviewed by: Diane Lunsford
Review Date: December 13, 2022

William LeRoy is back with more tomfoolery and who-done-it adventure in his latest book, Two for the Show.

Max Morgan stood in the doorway of the Henryetta, Oklahoma high school gym and surveyed the situation before him. Poised to cross the threshold to his 30th High School class reunion, he wondered why he was there. He thought about thirty years prior when he had to go to this Godforsaken place for his prom. He shuddered over the memories of his date when he recalled his ‘date’ was his mother. He had no friends to catch up with. There were no fond memories to initiate delightful banter of days gone by. So why was he here?

No sense standing in the doorway all night; time to suck it up and cross over to the ‘dark side’ of the evening. Memories cluttered Max’s thoughts. Nothing had changed. He studied the black and gold streamers overhead and wondered if they were the same ones used at prom thirty years ago. He took off his fedora and searched for a familiar nametag. He wasn’t positive, but he thought he recognized the only other member of the high school ‘Cheese Club,’ Fanny Ann Malone. She was on a direct course toward him. Imagine his surprise when he realizes it wasn’t Fanny, but Leona Morris— ‘Morris’ now, because she married high school sweetie Buckey. However, Buckey wasn’t with her because he was run over while jogging on their street recently. Still taken aback with the news of Buckey’s unfortunate mishap, Max checks back into Leona’s incessant chatter when he hears the names from the members of the ‘Motley Crew;’ a group of guys he hadn’t thought of in years. It just so happens they have a twice-a-week poker game in the Morris’ basement. Max wasn’t sure how or exactly when he agreed to it, but since Buckey was indisposed indefinitely, there was an open seat at the table and Max is invited to fill the vacancy. Max doesn’t know it quite yet, but this turn of events is nothing compared to the shenanigans about to unfold in his near future.

I had the pleasure of reading Case of a Puzzling Book, one of the books in the Maximo Morgan Mystery series earlier this year. William LeRoy remains true to his style in this series in that there is an ample serving of ‘Sam Spade/gumshoe’ jargon in Two for the Show. LeRoy wastes no time in setting the stage (and table) for the mystery about to unfold. With ease, LeRoy demonstrates his affinity of astute word placement in describing main character, Max Morgan: "...Max stood at the main door of the Henryetta, Oklahoma high school gym, dreading to enter. He had no old friends to catch up with. He had no fond memories of good old days to relive. He had no appetite for lunch. His attendance on the 30th reunion kick-off event—like the last time he had stood in that same spot—was strictly a duty dance assigned to him by his mom..." With a clear picture of who Max Morgan is, LeRoy is quick to introduce other key characters which facilitates early engagement to the storyline. There are definitely cheeky moments and the balance between mystery and intrigue works. Just when you think you have it all figured out, Mr. LeRoy slides in yet another zinger! This book is a little over 100 pages which makes for a quick and entertaining read. Two for the Show is another win in the Maximo Morgan Mystery series.

Quill says: Two for the Show is a nice blend of mystery and intrigue with a consistent dose of humor to keep it entertaining from beginning to end.

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