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Transformations: Give Up the Struggle

Transformations: Give Up the Struggle

By: Renee Wiggins
Publisher: Results by Renee
Publication Date: November 2009
ISBN: 978-0982561300
Reviewed by: Holly Connors
Review Date: January 13, 2010

Are you stuck in a rut, full of negative thoughts, unable to dig yourself out of a well of despair? If so, you might want to pick up a copy of Transformations: Give Up the Struggle by Renee Wiggins.

Renee Wiggins, author of several books dealing primarily with health issues (Can I Exercise Sitting Down?) tackles the subject of both negative and positive thoughts and the enormous impact each can have on an individual’s life. Through words, actions, attitudes, and interactions with others, how we think about ourselves and the world around us will affect everything we do and determine what sort of person each of us becomes. Wiggins argues that “Words can build, encourage, and uplift one’s soul, and they can destroy, dehumanize, and tear down a person, too.”

In her introduction, Wiggins asks readers to think of people they know who are always upbeat and positive. “Think of how they can brighten up a room even when things around them are falling apart.” Conversely, she notes that people “…who are always angry, always speak in the negative, and have low self-esteem.” The author has “…learned my thoughts can determine my present and my future…” and she encourages readers to take control of their own lives/thoughts and change their lives for the better.

How does Wiggins prove her thesis? Through a series of affirmations that state just what negative and positive actions can do to a person. But she doesn’t stop there. The author argues that one should embrace hardships that may come along for these trials will make you a stronger/better person. There are a few Bible quotes (taken from the New American Bible), but she primarily uses observations from her own life experiences to show just how powerful thoughts can be and how a person can turn adversity into a learning experience to build character. Using examples from finances, relationships, life’s failures, tolerance, patience, and faith, Wiggins presents affirmations ranging from brief statements to short poems. Her insights cause the reader to pause and reflect. A few of my favorites include (note that I haven’t quoted each affirmation in its entirety):

“The Israelites took 40 years to make it to the Promised Land – a journey which should have taken 11 days. How long is it taking you?”

“I look at failures as practicing until I get it right,”

“Sometimes in life we must endure pain in order to get blessed…out of depression and defeat…Picasso painted. Even though he was going deaf…Beethoven composed.”

One truly keen observation, that so many people who are stuck in a rut of negativity, should note, is, “I no longer hold on to people who have hurt me.” But note that there are many, many other assertions throughout Transformations: Give Up the Struggle, that will help the reader turn his/her life around.

Transformations is sized so that it can easily fit into a pocketbook and be pulled out on a daily basis for frequent reflection. With recurrent readings, you should be able to transform yourself into the positive, upbeat person you want to be.

Quill says: If you need to transform your life, pick up a copy of this book and let the transformation begin.

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