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Too Small for My Big Bed: Sleep Tight in Your Own Bed Tonight!

Too Small for My Big Bed: Sleep Tight in Your Own Bed Tonight!

By: Amber Stewart 
Illustrated by: Layn Marlow
Publisher: Barron's Educational Series
Publication Date: March 2013
ISBN: 978-0764165870
Reviewed by: Ellen Feld
Review Date: February 18, 2013

It was time for bed and Mommy Tiger came to kiss her son Piper before he fell asleep. But Piper was afraid; afraid of the dark, of the scary things that might be hiding and well, just afraid of the dark. Would he be able to sleep alone in his bed?

If you wake up during the night, “try counting to more than ten,” Mommy told Piper. And that is just what Piper did. He counted to ten, and then to “10 and a bit…” and then to “10 and a bit more…” but it just wasn’t enough! He wanted his mommy so into her bed he crawled. Once safely in Mom’s bed, the little tiger easily fell back to sleep.

The next day, Piper pounced and jumped through the Grasslands, confident and happy. “All by myself!” he exclaimed. But when night came, Piper did NOT want to be by himself. Would he ever be able to sleep alone in his bed?

This is a charming tale of a lovable little tiger who is afraid to be by himself in the dark, and of a mother’s love and patience as she guides him to overcome his fears. There’s a happy ending that wonderfully shows the love of both mother and child, and the illustrations, bright and happy, wonderfully compliment the tale. Whether you have a reluctant sleeper or one who simply likes to cuddle and listen to a nice bedtime story, Too Small for My Big Bed is just the right size!

Quill says: A sweet tale about a mother’s love and a child’s ability to overcome the fear of sleeping alone.

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