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Time-Life Everything You Need To Know About the Bible: Genesis to Revelation, Your Illustrated Guide

Time-Life Everything You Need To Know About the Bible: Genesis to Revelation, Your Illustrated Guide

By: Time-Life Books
Publisher: Jim Childs, Time Home Entertainment
Publishing Date: May 2014
ISBN: 978-1603209960
Reviewed by: Mary Lignor
Review Date: May 9, 2014 

Many readers will be pleased when they see that Time-Life Books has brought back the type of books they published in the 60’s. These books show the reader images of subjects that will help to educate young people and remind their elders of times that actually settled the world around us. In the 60’s, Time-Life Books sold many books, using direct mail, letting the public know about things that had happened from the Creation of the world to the settling of the West, to the Wars fought to keep our freedom. These were mostly told in the form of photographs and the books were wonderful keepsakes. Unfortunately, in 2003, this part of Time Life was sold and the books stopped. Fortunately, there was a recent sale to Time-Life Entertainment, allowing them to use the name Time-Life and this company will start these great books once again. The first two books for the public’s perusal are Everything You Need To Know About the Bible: Genesis to Revelation, Your Illustrated Guide and World War II In 500 Photographs (see our historicical section for a review of World War II in 500 Photographs).

In Everything You Need To Know About The Bible, the story starts, of course, with Genesis and ends with the death of Jesus on the Cross. The pages are full of beautiful paintings depicting the Bible Story with short narratives and time lines. This book will fascinate children as well as adults who attended Sunday school in their youth and, with the portraits of various Bible figures, it will be a great educational tool for young and old. Readers will find many things that they have forgotten and will also be able to look up various stories that were favorites. The book will help readers to know the Bible again and will take them on a journey through the times of Moses, Noah and on up to Jesus’ birth and his life before being crucified and rising from the dead. The illustrations are magnificent and the stories are told for anyone to read.

Inside this book will be found many stories of the most important figures in the history of religion; Bible verses that correspond with the stories and many reference points for scholars, young and old. The reader will meet kings, prophets and the apostles of Jesus along with reading about the Last Supper and Jesus’ ascension into Heaven. This book also gives an account of the Apostles following Jesus’ death and how they spread Jesus word throughout the countries. For anyone interested in the Bible, this book is a 'must-have' and is also a perfect educational tool - thank you Time-Life for bringing these books back to life!

Quill says: A great addition to your personal library.

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