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The Wisdom of a Cowboy: Crossing the River & Climbing the Mountain

The Wisdom of a Cowboy: Crossing the River & Climbing the Mountain

By: Robert A. Wilson
Publisher: Inner Circle Publishing, Inc.
Publication Date: June 2011
ISBN: 978-1-882918-39-3
Reviewed by: Amy Lignor 
Review Date: September 10, 2011

There may be many who are reluctant to approach or believe in the world of hypnotherapy; however, this is one ‘cowboy’ who has made a solid, healthy statement about how each and every person in this world can go after - and achieve - their dreams.

With chapters titled Sunrise, Open Range, The Rancher, The Gunfighter, and more, the reader is already drawn into that utopian, ‘free’ world. The reader already senses that amazingly calm moment of being able to sit astride a horse and simply “be.” With Robert Wilson’s subtle words, a type of tranquility settles over the reader and the tension and stress melts away. And, when one thinks about the world as it is today - full of strife, anger, hostility, and tension - Robert Wilson makes it feel as if the reader is sitting down at a table and having a cup of coffee with a true cowboy. After the first paragraph about life and achieving success, the reader will respond to this man as if he were that iconic cowboy - a man who has seen and fought battles on the open range, but has found a way to separate himself from all the “ridiculousness” going on in the “big, bad world.” Which is absolutely true. It is quite easy to see that this cowboy has found a way to enjoy life, work hard, and teach others how to achieve any dream they have.

His chapters are extremely soothing, while at the same time educational. With this immense amount of wisdom, readers can locate their inner courage and strength; they can clear their vision that has been muddled by the struggles of life; and, they can absolutely bring their senses alive. The author has found a way to allow readers to feel the vibrancy of the earth, the world around them, and achieve inner peace. The book teaches true independence, and that there are no barriers, and nothing standing in a person’s way, in order for them to get the most out of their lives.

Robert A. Wilson, an NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapist, has built his own company on the back of the very simple idea that common sense savvy and fundamental life know-how can be used to make fundamental changes in a person’s everyday life, with instruction on how to increase cash flow, time management tips, and more. And with The Wisdom of a Cowboy, he has also been able to find a way for others to open their eyes, expand their minds in order to enjoy and appreciate every single day of their lives. Human beings don’t have limitations, and after reading Robert Wilson’s book, everyone will finally understand that the ‘chaos’ that is being experienced right now across the globe is actually awakening a golden opportunity - an opportunity for success.

Quill Says: This book is beyond liberating. A journey that will most definitely have you believing that hypnotherapy is a truly wonderful gift.

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