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The Silver Thread of Life: True Accounts of Spiritual Interventions

The Silver Thread of Life: True Accounts of Spiritual Interventions

By: Phillip B. Chute, EA
Publication Date: January 2018
ASIN : B07D54XZ89
Reviewed by: Anita Lock
Review Date: November 2020

Author Phillip Chute offers a fascinating collection of divine-intervention stories in his fascinating book The Silver Thread of Life.

Have you ever experienced a time when you had an inconceivable thought, vision, or dream of someone dying, and it came true? Have you ever been in the wrong place at the wrong time and miraculously come out of it unscathed? These are small examples from a captivating collection author Phillip Chute includes in his latest read, The Silver Thread of Life: True Accounts and Dozens of Amazing Life-Changing Spiritual Interventions.

Phillip Chute, a tax and financial advisor by profession, explores psychic episodes that we encounter more frequently than not, the unmeasurable, unprovable, and unexplainable events scientists toss into the paranormal category. The seemingly-endless stories combine Chute's accounts (i.e., his war encounters, travels, and unusual situations) and his clients' incidents that relay near-death experiences and the return to life after brief death among other topics.

Chute’s retelling of accounts comes mainly from his clients who, over the years, appreciated Chute’s good listening skills enough to divulge areas of their past they would not typically discuss. Each story follows a broad spectrum of beliefs as people attribute their ethereal encounters based on their beliefs: Jesus, the Spirits, Karma, guardian angel, divine intervention, Yin and Yang, and faith.

Chapters grouped thematically vary in length. Dreams, others’ ability to see auras, déjà vu, demonic activity, and healers from Third World countries only begin to scratch the surface of the topics covered. Chute makes sure to incorporate words of inspiration and caution, which provides an excellent addition to storytelling. For example, “Messages from the Soul” focuses on dreams and how they “can be compelling gifts and guides” and the importance of “being careful with your actions” in “The Curse.”

Not every story paints a rosy picture as Chute balances chapters with sections that show the dark side of the ethereal realm. One example found in the chapter titled “The Demon” addresses “self-inflicted desolation by mankind—evil people manipulation and corrupting the spirits of others.” Just as there are good psychics, there are bad ones, as mentioned in more detail in the chapter titled “Psychics.”

Chute’s recounting of these paranormal experiences is not flashy; he relays each story as is, making sure to emphasize that while these otherworldly situations appear miraculous (and they are), the incidents are more common than expected since they occur among ordinary people. The only difference is in one’s approach to life’s situations. That said, Chute offers sage advice to his readers: “Leave yourself open to the universe, give yourself to the universe, and it will return your openness in kindness. Let your guardian spirits visit.”

Quill says: The Silver Thread of Life is a fascinating read from beginning to end.

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