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The Rope That Ties Us

The Rope That Ties Us

By: Jessica S. Scheumann
Illustrated by: Camila de Liz Nunes
Publisher: Arteirinha Bilingual Books
Publication Date: November 1, 2023
ISBN: 979-8851049880
Reviewed by: Katie Specht
Review Date: January 19, 2024

From Brazilian writer Jessica S. Scheumann comes her second bilingual children’s book, The Rope That Ties Us. Scheumann’s book is brought to life through illustrations by Camila de Liz Nunes, and follows the journey of an infant as he grows into a child and explores his emotional connection with his mother.

The story begins as we meet an infant who has just become aware of his mother and her comforting presence. As the young child grows, he begins to recognize his mother’s hands, voice, breathing, and heartbeat as she is consistently there for him, yet she still allows him room to mature and learn new things. He slowly learns how to crawl to reach his teddy bear, and from there, moving on to reaching his book, blankie, and bottle. As he gets older, he learns how to walk on his own two feet, and before long, he is walking and running everywhere, trying to keep up with his sister. When he gets hurt, his mother is there to comfort him and make him feel better. As the young boy grows, he learns that although his mother may not be physically near him all of the time, she will always be close to his heart.

The story behind The Rope That Ties Us is simple; yet it offers a powerful reminder to parents and caregivers about the importance that the role of showing affection plays in parenting. All too often these days, children are told to be “tough” or to “shake it off” when they get hurt, when in reality, showing them a bit of affection and love would go a long way in helping them to feel safe and secure. Scheumann’s unpretentious and poetic story is a sweet representation of Secure Attachment Theory, which demonstrates that resilience and emotional intelligence are formed in childhood as a result of a healthy, secure attachment to a child’s caregiver.

In addition to inspiring parents to be the best caregivers they can be, Scheumann’s book is also unique in that it is bilingual, so it will be able to reach an even broader audience. The story is also written in rhyme, which makes books fun to read and appeals to children. The illustrations done by Camila de Liz Nunes are bright and adorable and complement the story perfectly, bringing it to life for young children to enjoy.

Quill says: With The Rope That Ties Us, bilingual author Scheumann has written a lovely story exploring the profound impact of love and affection on a child’s formative years. The story is simple and relatable for both children and parents alike, while the scientific knowledge that Scheumann imparts to her readers is truly invaluable.

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