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The Possibilities of Oneness

The Possibilities of Oneness: Doorways to Life's Deeper Meaning, Wonder, and Joy

By: Will Irons
Publisher: Wisdom Wellspring Publishing
Publication Date: January 2018
ISBN: 978-0999516607
Reviewed by: Anita Lock
Review Date: July 25, 2018

Will Irons pulls from his experiences to explore the “doorways to life’s deeper meaning, wonder, and joy” in his book The Possibilities of Oneness.

The author's connection with Universal Oneness begins at age five when his hunt for sweets leads him to find and swallow a sugar cube, which, unbeknownst to him, is laced with LSD. What follows is a day-long succession of eye-popping experiences: brilliant lights, and high-definition shapes and sounds, to name a few. While hallucinogenic substances can trigger similarly-related experiences, the point that Irons makes is that every person has the potential of experiencing Oneness without the use of substances.

Universal Oneness—that deep interconnectivity with the rest of the world—is not an uncommon concept with many vehicles (i.e., sports, nature, music) leading to it. Although Irons spends time describing his experiences, they serve only as a catalyst to the main points of his book, which are to raise awareness that several vehicles coupled with the experiences are more ordinary than one may think, to identify stages of awareness leading to Oneness, and then to provide thirteen circles of timeless wisdom that can be used as a practical and foundational daily-life guide.

Irons covers a brief explanation of the book’s outline, terminology, and aspects of his background before delving into chapter three: Degrees of Oneness—four degrees of mindfulness, namely, Ego, Flow, Wonder, and High Peak, that will lead to Oneness experiences. This chapter is a befitting precursor to Irons’s experiences, which he addresses over a set of chapters.

Unique to Irons’s writing style is the effective way he takes an often-described-ethereal topic and translates it into crisp and comprehensible language, “free of cultural or religious baggage.” Rich descriptions of his Oneness experiences via various relatable vehicles (i.e., hiking, snorkeling, and surfing to name a few) connecting him to nature transport readers into a realm that is undoubtedly mystical yet essential to one’s existence.

Irons balances his passionate read with the realities that come with a choice. While Oneness experiences are not planned events, aligning one’s lifestyle to practices of unification is a deliberate act—one that is filled with love and compassion. The flip side—on an extreme level—choosing an ego-based lifestyle can lead to a self-absorbed state of consciousness that is laced with “hatred, terrorism, mass shootings, the horror of death camps, environmental destruction, and genocide.”

The Possibilities of Oneness closes with priceless gems from others who have experienced Oneness followed by an in-depth explanation of Irons’s thirteen circles of timeless wisdom and how they can effectively be incorporated in one’s daily routine.

Quill says: The Possibilities of Oneness is a fitting read during troubled times.

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