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The Picky Little Witch

The Picky Little Witch

By: Elizabeth Brokamp
Illustrated by: Marsha Riti
Publisher: Pelican Publishing
Publication Date: July 2011
ISBN: 978-1589808829
Reviewed by: Ellen Feld
Review Date: August 2011

It turns out that while human children can be picky eaters, little witches can turn their noses up at food that is good for them too. The Picky Little Witch just does not want to eat the soup her mother has made for her and no amount of pleading will convince the girl that she should get her mouth anywhere near that spoon.

“Eye of newt, toe of sock, heel of book, salted rock, 
Hair of slug, wart of frog, spit of bug, and mold on log.”

Gosh, who wouldn’t want such a yummy soup? The Picky Little Witch comes up with all sorts of excuses, none of which work – “I’ll turn green” with the perfect rebuttal, “you’re always green,” – and so finally….she holds her nose….and tastes… and hey, it’s not so bad after all (but don’t tell Mama!).

The book is only half over when the Picky Little Witch eats her soup so what else might happen? The author very cleverly switches things around as mother and daughter go trick-or-treating and guess who doesn’t want to try the yummy candy that the humans are giving out? Mama Witch gives all sorts of excuses to not eat the candy. What a wonderful, unexpected twist that children will love!

Quill says: A fun, and funny, tale of a picky eater, set amidst the ghosts and goblins of Halloween.

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