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The Miracle of the Little Kitten

The Miracle of the Little Kitten

By: Samuel Lopez 
Publisher: Little Five Star, a Division of Five Star Publications 
Publication Date: October 2009 
ISBN: 978-1589851603 
Reviewed by: Deb Fowler 
Review Date: October 2009

Farmer Samuel could hear the pitiful mewing of a kitten, but could neither see nor hear him once he stopped to listen. Farmer Samuel and his wife Cheri lived in a hundred-year-old farmhouse, turned pet sanctuary, but every new life, especially one in trouble was of concern. Many times in the course of the day he heard the kitten cry out, but try as he might the baby could not be located. He thought perhaps he was going daffy and said to himself, “Maybe my ears are playing tricks on me.” There have been stranger things happen, but realistically he knew there was an animal in need and it had to be found. The search went on for days and he knew that time would be limited for this baby if it he didn’t locate it.

He couldn’t find the kitten, but on the fifth day of the search, a day the baby surely would have died, Stinky Little Scroungy ran toward him “with something furry in her mouth.” Stinky, who came up smelling like a rose, had found the little kitten, but he was “cold, stiff, and barely moving.” Farmer Samuel rushed him in the house and put him next to the warmth of the woodstove. He hopped into his truck and dashed off to the general feed store to purchase some life-giving supplies for the new household addition. The farmer and his wife, Cheri, began to try to nurse the kitten and try to coax some life into him. They named him Miracle and hoped he would survive. After so many days outside, was this little one going to make it?

This is the type of heartwarming story I can definitely get into quite quickly. The book immediately brings the reader into the drama of this little lost kitten and makes him or her want to race to the end, hopefully to find a positive resolution. There was just the right amount of tension to get me to race to the end. A photograph of the kitten (probably the first), taken next to a pen, indicates to the reader just how tiny this kitten was and how dire the situation actually was. This is one story in a series of books about the Compassionate Pet Sanctuary. If you’re an animal lover, you’re going to love this little series of animal books!

Quill says: Cat lovers of the world are going to just love this purr-fect little Miracle story!

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