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The Maker of Worlds

The Maker of Worlds

By: David Litwack
Publisher: Evolved Publishing
Publication Date: May 22, 2024
Reviewed by: Trix Lee-Rainwater
Review Date: June 14, 2024

What would you sacrifice to remake the world? Let’s find out in David Litwack's novel, The Maker of Worlds.

We follow the journey of Lucas, a young man haunted by the recent death of his beloved Addy. Feeling lost and adrift, Lucas contemplates passing through a mysterious portal known as the maelstrom, which appears on the lake near his home every spring. Though he had always been intrigued by it, Lucas had never taken the leap - until now, six months after Addy's passing. When Lucas finally summons the courage to pass through the mysterious maelstrom, he finds himself in a fantastical borderland, a transitional realm where magic is real. There, he meets the custodian, a peculiar man who explains to Lucas that he now possesses the ability to shape this new world through the power of his imagination and conviction. However, the custodian also warns Lucas that the enchanted land is ruled by dangerous sorcerers, and that he must be cautious in how he wields his newfound abilities.

Soon, Lucas is joined by a young woman named Mia, who has also stumbled into the borderlands through the maelstrom. Like Lucas, Mia is grieving the loss of her past life. Together, Lucas and Mia set out to explore the borderlands and hone their newfound magic, creating everything from lush gardens to cozy cottages. However, their abilities soon draw the attention of a tyrannical lord of a nearby castle, who has used his magic to abduct children from the neighboring villages. As Lucas and Mia grow in skill, they become entangled in the tyrant's schemes, forced to confront not only his malicious magic but the darkness that lies within their own hearts.

Litwack's The Maker of Worlds is a fantasy adventure that immerses the reader in a vivid magical realm, where the protagonists' growth and transformation mirror the larger struggle between light and darkness, hope and despair. Litwack's novel excels at exploring the corrupting nature of power and the sacrifices required to wield it. The breakneck pacing and vivid action sequences keep the pages turning, while the world-building immerses readers in a realm where the line between reality and fantasy blurs. Yet, the story's true strength lies in its examination of the human condition, as Lucas and Mia grapple with questions of purpose, loss, and the true meaning of hope.

What sets The Maker of Worlds apart is the author's balancing act between the grand, sweeping scope of the fantasy genre and the relatable and deeply personal struggles of the protagonists. Readers will be left pondering how far they would go to remake the world in their own image, and whether the price of such ambition is too high to bear.

Quill says: A thought-provoking fantasy adventure that examines the pitfalls of absolute power, The Maker of Worlds is a must-read for fans of immersive, character-driven fantasy.

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