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The Magic Man (The Olympic Peninsula Series, Book 3)

The Magic Man (The Olympic Peninsula Series, Book 3)

By: Cat Treadgold
Publication Date: November 15, 2023
ISBN: 979-8987736333
Reviewed by: Kathy Stickles
Review Date: November 20, 2023

Well, I am back again with a review for author Cat Treadgold for her third book in The Olympic Peninsula series, The Magic Man. As with the previous two stories, I must say that I loved it, and I have become a huge fan. This is not something I can usually say about books from the romance genre, but these stories set in Port Townsend, Washington, have become some of my favorites. These characters have begun to feel like part of the family, and it is so much fun to catch up with each and every one of them.

In The Magic Man, we meet David O’Connell who has arrived in Port Townsend to attend the wedding of his sister Tanya. David was normally a happy and very outgoing man who, his family comes to see quickly, has turned into a person who is very quiet and has become quite serious. He tries to avoid any conversation that involves his career as a doctor in Africa or anything that involves his fiancée. During the festivities leading up to the holidays and wedding, David meets Maddie Leftwood, an actress who is also in town for the wedding. Their attraction is immediate, but, of course, nothing is ever that easy as David’s fiancée Sylvia arrives in town as well. As he tries to make Sylvia happy, Maddie decides that nothing will come of this attraction and decides to move forward and focus on the theater production she is starring in. David likes Maddie because she is kind and funny. Maddie likes David because he seems very smart and down-to-earth. But it is never that simple is it? There is just too much in this “magic man’s” past that is getting in the way. Will Maddie and David ever work things out between them...what happened to him in Africa...what about Sylvia? For these answers, you will just have to read the book, and I am sure you will love it when you do.

Cat Treadgold always brings forth excellent, albeit complicated, relationships in the O’Connell family, but she does it very well. In this story, you have a great female character in Maddie, who is strong and wants to succeed as an actress without compromising her values and beliefs, and you have an excellent male character in David - he is complicated and you know there is more going on in his life. This author is able to bring out their personalities and make them seem authentic, given the situations they are in. It makes the reader really want to follow through and find out why David is this way and what is going to be the final resolution.

As always, one of my favorite parts of these stories is the continued involvement of all the secondary characters we have met in previous books. They are all there in full force, and it is wonderful to keep them all involved. It seems to bring the story together when we can follow not only the main couple and their problems but can still connect with all of our other favorites. Just as in the previous books, the plot is interesting, different, and very well-written, and the characters shine. I hope there are other members of the O’Connell family we have not yet met - I can't wait to read their stories.

Quill says: The descriptive and creative writing and the character development in The Magic Man is just what the reader needs and wants. Cat Treadgold has created another book in the Olympic Peninsula Series that is wonderful and not your average romance.

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