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The Last Paradise

The Last Paradise

By: Michael Kasenow 
Publication Date: February 2009 
ISBN: 9781440120015 
Reviewed by: Lynette Latzko 
Review Date: March 30, 2009 

The Last Paradise, is a raw and vividly gritty story about the desperately poor inhabitants of Galveston, Texas. These residents are surviving in the post-Civil War era despite poverty, slavery, bigotry and a myriad of injustices that not only involve black people but poor whites as well. Charming characters such as “Burly Horse,” “Marbles,” “Newt” and “Maxwell” take the reader on an intimate journey through their lives as they attempt to survive in this difficult time of corruption and constant battles between the rich bigoted white people, and big corporate companies who despise and prey on the weak and union workers, all the while keeping their pride intact.

Readers will undoubtedly find themselves rooting for the townspeople as they persevere throughout their rough lives, especially when it appears as if nothing else could possibly make their harsh existence worse, even the massive devastation wrought on them from the Great Hurricane of 1900.

Although author Michael Kasenow is a newcomer to the historical fiction writing genre, he is not altogether unfamiliar with writing as evidenced by his numerous writing contributions to the environmental sciences field and a book on poetry entitled Six Feet Down. Mr. Kasenow’s brilliant writing in this particular novel affords the reader a dynamic look into the post-Civil War era, and reminds us of where this country once was regarding slavery, bigotry and other similar injustices, and how far our country has come. Vivid descriptions of this incredibly poor city and its inhabitants are expertly laced throughout the book. Despite at times the story's slow moving pace, this tale holds the reader captivated, awaiting the final outcome of all the characters the reader has come to know and love.

Quill says: The Last Paradise, is a wonderfully woven story that unfolds it’s raw and gritty message right in the beginning and does not waiver until the thrilling end.

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