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The Imprint Journey: A Path of Lasting Transformation into Your Authentic Self

The Imprint Journey: A Path of Lasting Transformation into Your Authentic Self


By: Liliane Desjardins
Publisher: Loving Healing Press
Publication Date: February 2011
ISBN: 978-1615990870
Reviewed by: Amy Lignor
Review Date: March 2, 2011

Mrs. Desjardins has written a book that’s well-beyond interesting. With masterful presentation, the first section is an amazing story dedicated to her childhood; in fact, it reads almost as if it were an extremely well-written historical novel about World War II. The second half of this fascinating work actually explains and outlines Mrs. Desjardins’ work that she’s been immersed in for over thirty years; a work that, I believe, could help a great many people change the course of their lives.

When we first begin our “journey,” we’re shown the therapist side of the author. She explains in detail our brain “imprints” and what they mean for our futures. You see, our brain imprints pictures, messages, feelings, beliefs, etc., from the moment our life’s journey begins. As we grow older, and especially nowadays, there’s an overload of negative information that we hear and see all around us every day. From wars to terrorist attacks – government slime to poverty-stricken families – these flashes of light that cross our television sets certainly stick with all of us. In fact, these images “imprint” on our brains, teaching us how to feel negatively or positively about a certain aspect of life. With the Desjardins Unified Model, a ton of genetic research has been combined with beliefs and faith making, for the first time, a usable and understandable model where science meets religion and actually works together in harmony.

As I said, Section I is a remarkable story. The author explains where, exactly, her own brain imprints come from, and the story of her upbringing and personal journey was mesmerizing. She speaks about her own path and how it was shaped by everything from the German invasion of Zagreb in April of 1941, to the sirens that rang out through her village as the world was turned upside down. She watched the Russian army come through; she heard the horror stories of the concentration camps; she listened to her mother weep, her grandmother pray and even lived through her father being taken away. All she saw, heard, and lived while growing up in these atrocities were imprinted on her brain and would be there for the rest of her days. Other “imprints” were things like her ride on The Orient Express into Paris, which she absolutely fell in love with, and then having to follow her father on his “American Dream,” leaving France far behind. Her story delves into various avenues of pain and fear including alcoholism, suicide, guilt and shame.

The upside for this wonderfully strong woman, who was literally dragged through agony, was meeting a man who held the same beliefs that she did, but had realized that there was a new path that could be followed…a way to erase the old and bring in the new.

Whether you’re in recovery of some sort, or you find yourself in a monumental depression, the way this author tells you about how you got there, and how she describes the fact that your Authentic Self is your real self buried under all the negative garbage you bear witness to every day, is a new and fresh idea that will help many people who are desperately trying to find the sun in their dark, dismal world.

Quill says: Not only can this book be categorized under informative and interesting, but it is also a truly inspirational, uplifting story about how one woman found a way to offer herself forgiveness, at the same time finding a way to be grateful for every aspect of her life, and granting herself the freedom to live it.

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