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The Great Divide

The Great Divide

By: Suzanne Slade 
Illustrated by: Erin E. Hunter
Publisher: Sylvan Dell Publishing
Publishing Date: February 2012
ISBN: 978-1-60718-5307
Reviewed By: Amy Lignor
Review Date: February 2012

Let’s be honest, math was and, is still, one of the most boring subjects in school. And as we grow up, we are already dealing with the fact that we don’t like mathematics as it gets harder, and harder, and harder with each passing year. There are many of us who don’t understand why we have to learn it at all, because we know that in the future we will be handed a calculator that does everything for us.

Enter The Great Divide. This book not only helps a child to learn division, but it’s done in a fun and enjoyable way. Sylvan already knows the fact that, to educate, learning has to be fun, so their line of scholarly books are not only visually stunning but the ‘extras’ that are put in are fabulous. Makes you actually want to do math.

In this one we have all animals, everywhere, and the author uses the animal ‘group’ names in order to teach division. A lion group is a pride; a fish group is a school, but I learned some things from this one. Flamingos are a stand and peacocks are a muster. Using these groups - and wonderful illustrations - kids can learn basic division. Example: Six rambunctious rhinos making quite a splash - three mommas with their babies, how much in each crash? (6 divided by 3).

It is absolutely a joy for moms, who are surrounded by cell phones beeping and computers buzzing, to be able to purchase books for their children and read to them - learn as a family. Technology has attempted to erase reading, yet Sylvan Dell and these amazing creative minds and illustrators are making sure that the family who learns together, stays together. And in the back of this book, as in the other Sylvan Dell books, there is a ton of information on animals in our world that is truly a fun ride.

Quill says: A small book offering great BIG knowledge!

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