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The Futurist’s Mistress: Poems by Lorraine Schein

The Futurist’s Mistress: Poems by Lorraine Schein


By: Lorraine Schein
Publisher: Mayapple Press
Publication date: March 2006
ISBN: 978-0932412393
Reviewed by: Barbara Ardinger
Review date: April 2011

SF surreal lucid lyrical—
This slim book of poems
(thirty-five in all)
by Lorraine Schein
marches forward along your ocular nerve
and comes to the fork in the road:
Left brain?
Right brain?
The poems take both ways at once!
And suddenly your mind is blooming, exploding, scintillating …
it’s an Origami Universe, a Fractal Fairytale, a Crystal World
a love song to Nicola Tesla, who was “cracked as lightning” and had “a mind like a bolt from the blue.” Who, Lorraine asks, could have invented Nicola Tesla?
Andrew Marvell (1621–1678) would blink and smile when his Coy Mistress talked back and said that it’s a black hole (and not the grave) that’s “a fine and private place/ but none, I think, do there embrace.”
These poems will percolate in your head and flow down into your heart.

Quill says: The back of the book says Lorraine is a feminist surrealist. That’s worth thinking about. Her poetry is certainly worth reading.

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