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The Fleeing Company (The Drifters’ Road, Part One)

The Fleeing Company (The Drifters' Road, Part One)

By: Kyle McCurry
Published by: Atmosphere Press
Publication Date: December 2019
ISBN: 978-1-64669-323-8
Reviewed By: Amy Lignor
Review Date: June 1, 2021

I think most people will understand when I say The Fleeing Company has that element of good versus evil that’s right up there with the excellence of Star Wars. No, not because of the plot, but because of the facts that pure, well-written evil and good go head-to-head. In this, the first book in The Drifters' Road series, the author introduces characters who will stay in your head long after you’ve met them; and the journey is one that can only be categorized as “beyond cool!”

Adroegen is one of those travelers. A young man, a loner, a warrior – his steps lead him to mystical locations that serve up everything from dragons to wolves, and every other fantastical creature you can think of when it comes to the genre. He has quite an emotional backstory, losing all the ones he loved when he was only a child. Even though he’d met up with pure evil back then, Adroegen is also watched over by pure good in the form of the One who created the entire world.

Introducing the ultimate bad guy...Vyroun. This is an evil lord who’s so bad, his picture should be in the dictionary next to ‘malevolent.’ He, like most other bad guys, is on a mission to take over the world. Unfortunately for Vyroun, there’s one missing item he needs in order to accomplish his task. Referred to as the Nights Jewel, the current possessor of this particular gem is Adroegen, who stole it years back from the goblin chief who is basically Vyroun’s second-in-command.

After a decade where Vyroun was mysteriously absent, he comes back beyond strong; what helps him is the fact that each and every day he’s gaining followers who will die for his evil heart and his hideous mission. With the jewel, however, Vyroun could have complete power over all the hideous creatures of the night that include everything from bats to goblins to ogres, and more. But before he can complete his goal, he must find the warrior and get the jewel back...but where could he be?

Years before, during his travels, Androgen came across a village filled with people just like him. Having no parents or families themselves, he made friends within the confines of their hidden location. Unfortunately, he goes back for a visit only to learn that the evil lord is out for his blood. Making a quick exit, what he doesn’t know is that his whereabouts were tracked by Vyroun’s “chief of staff” and once again another place that played home to Adroegen is destroyed—except for his close friends who he was able to get out with before the destruction occurred.

Although you’ll love the bad guys and how they are explored by the author, it may be difficult to choose your favorite from the cast of many. Adroegen, of course, is the epitome of bravery; however, when you look at his friends, and many others, they all have their own endearing qualities. From those who reluctantly battle to others who love the adventurous life, there’s someone for every reader to cling to. Caitren is a girl who has courage in her heart, Vaenn is hysterical and more worried about her hair being messy than anything else, Kattalin is the upbeat one who keeps positivity in the tale, and if you like humor and a bit of the naughty, Gleowan will grab you the minute he asks if Adroegen’s horse likes ale.

This author is all about interweaving characters and plots together, making each chapter better than the one before. In fact, it was done so well that it’s right up there with the couldn’t-put-it-down-one-day-reads that are rare. As a very emotional journey, everything from the existence of a Higher Power to friendships, jealousy, greed and more are explored as Adroegen and his friends attempt to save their own lives and, in the process, save the rest of the world.

Quill says: Incredible entertainment! It’s a huge plus that this is only Part One, because walking this ‘Drifters’ Road’ is a whole lot of fun. Hands-down 5-Stars!

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