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The Fifth House of the Heart

The Fifth House of the Heart

By: Ben Tripp
Publisher: Gallery Books
Publication Date: July 2015
ISBN: 978-1-4767-8263-8
Reviewed By: Kristi Benedict
Review Date: August 21, 2015

On the outside Asmodeus Saxon-Tang, more commonly known as “Sax,” was a fine wealthy gentleman who seemed to consistently have his life together. For years Sax had made a well known name for himself as the best and most exclusive antique dealer around, seeming to acquire some of the most rare and amazing pieces in the world. However, Sax has a secret that has been the key to his long years of success - he steals from vampires. With eternity to find just the right pieces for their hoard, Sax knows that there is no other way to come upon exactly what he wants.

The first time Sax came upon a vampire it was completely by accident and with a stroke of luck and the right weapon he was able to kill that first vampire and make millions selling off every bit of unique furniture he found. Now, after killing two vampires and reaping the benefits, the tables have turned and a certain vampire is hunting him. With old age creeping up on him the idea of going after another vampire is not quite as appealing to Sax as it once was, for he is not sure if the reward will outweigh the cost. However, this vampire knows who he is which means everyone Sax knows and loves could be in danger. The main person on Sax’s mind is his niece Emily and he wants to do everything in his power to make sure she is protected, so instead of waiting for this vampire to find him, he decides to put together a team to find it first.

After traveling to Germany Sax starts to assemble a rag tag group of vampire hunters, ones that he describes as a band of sociopaths not psychopaths as with the danger of the situation he needs people who are a little crazy but will stay focused on the task at hand. For of course this was not a normal job but one that could cost all of their lives and as they get closer to this particular vampire Sax begins to wonder if this will be his last job as well.

Whenever there is a particular subject that becomes popular in the book world it is always interesting to me to see different authors present a different take on that subject. Recently vampires have definitely been a popular choice of authors to write about and Ben Tripp gives another intriguing take on this subject. Tripp’s novel allows the reader a glimpse into the history of vampires, the legends surrounding them, and intimate secrets of their dark lives. Instead of writing about all of the past and then moving into the present, Tripp intermingles the two in this novel in a way I absolutely enjoyed, as the pieces of the past were able to coincide easily with the present story and bring everything to light and make for an even better reading experience.

Quill says: A breathtaking and heart pounding glimpse into the dark side of vampires!

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