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The Economical Guide to Self-Publishing: How to Produce and Market Your Book On a Budget

The Economical Guide to Self-Publishing: How to Produce and Market Your Book On a Budget


By: Linda F. Radke 
Publisher: Five Star Publications, Inc.; 2nd edition 
Publication Date: January 2009 
ISBN: 978-1589851016 
Review Date: October 2009 
Reviewed by: Holly Connors 

The world of self-publishing is exploding, with thousands of authors taking the plunge into this exciting endeavor every month. The rewards can be great, but so too, can be the risks. The budding self-publisher must be careful and spend his/her money wisely, particularly in these tough economical times. Fortunately, Linda F. Radke has come to the rescue with her newly updated book, The Economical Guide to Self-Publishing, to safely guide authors through the ins and outs of publishing, while also advising where to spend, how much to spend, and when not to spend those hard earned dollars.

The Economical Guide to Self-Publishing breaks down the rather confusing and mutli-step task of publishing a book into simple to understand sections beginning with editing a manuscript all the way through publication and, just as important but so often overlooked by new authors, marketing. What makes this book stand out from so many of the other books offered to aspiring authors is that Radke includes sections on many of the tools authors will need to successfully run their own business. In clear, concise, easy-to-understand language, the author gives an overview of various items including printers, invoices, banking, prepayment options, contracts, mailing list sources, shipping, flyers, and even how to be a good guest on TV as well as a myriad of other topics. Of course, Radke also covers the more common subjects such as copyright, where to get an ISBN, cover design and press releases.

The author includes several essays written by others (an editor, typesetter, publicist, etc.) who offer their valuable expertise. The one I found particularly interesting was ‘When Disaster Strikes, Strike Back!’ by Lynda Exley. Written about her and her son’s experience with promoting their book, this essay is funny and yet, informative. Every author will likely relate to their mistakes while promoting a book.

Of course, the title of this book implies money saving ideas and the text doesn’t disappoint. Getting free publicity is something every author wants and Radke offers tips on how to proceed to clinch an interview. The author also looks at other ways to save money such as using short print runs; the importance of printing bids; partnership publishing; and co-opportunities. Indeed, throughout The Economical Guide to Self-Publishing,there are countless tips to control the budget of the new author.

Quill says: Get a copy of this book before you delve into the world of self-publishing.

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