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The Christmas Cats

The Christmas Cats

By: Nancy K. Wallace
Illustrated by: Cathren Housley
Publisher: Pelican Publishing
Publication Date: September 2011
ISBN: 978-1589809796
Reviewed by: Holly Connors
Review Date: October 22, 2011

In a cozy house, surrounded by snow and trimmed in holly, live Elizabeth Ann and Mollie. They are the proud owners of a wonderful group of cats, from Darwin the fluffy to Dorrie the crabby. With Christmas just around the corner, Mother has baked all sorts of yummy treats and the girls have invited their friends over for a holiday tea party. The girls know that a fancy tea party is no place for playful cats so the kitties are put in a room upstairs with their own treats.

Curious kitties seldom do what they are told and in this charming Christmas tale, the felines turn the tables on the girls as they escape from their confinement and head right for the beautifully decorated table, full of goodies:

Phoebe pounced on the table and scattered the holly.
Dexter dived for a sandwich and crashed into Mollie.
Olivia leaped for the bright chandelier
And landed instead in Elizabeth’s hair.

This Christmas tale of mischievous kitties run amok is absolutely delightful! Told in rhyme, it is brightly illustrated and the drawings of the cats getting into trouble are sure to become favorites. As a mess is made, cats prance on food and the girls look on in horror, young readers will giggle in glee. With a very happy ending and a flood of cats throughout, children will be asking for this Christmas tale every night at bedtime!

Quill says: With lovely drawings, a sweet and funny story, and cats a plenty, The Christmas Cats is sure to become a favorite bedtime story for the holiday season.

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