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The Apple Tree’s Discovery

The Apple Tree’s Discovery

By: Peninnah Schram & Rachayl Eckstein Davis
Illustrated by: Wendy W. Lee
Publisher: KAR-BEN Publishing
Publishing Date: Spring 2012
ISBN: 978-0-7613-5132-0
Reviewed By: Amy Lignor
Review Date: February 5, 2012

Three amazing women have gotten together to create this absolutely beautiful tale that teaches everything from wishes to dreams to prayers to belief that even though one is different, they have different and unusual gifts that make them individual and extraordinary.

Readers will love meeting up with the small apple tree in the woods. This tiny tree stands alone staring at the giant oaks all around. Those oaks seem to have everything: Height, stature - they look so proud and defiant in those woods. But at night…oh, at night, when the stars are illuminating everything in the forest, it actually looks to the apple tree as if the stars, themselves, are hanging from the oak’s branches. He longs for the same. Yet, he’s told to simply wait; that beauty is coming to him, as well. But night after night the apple tree just looks at those stars and feels sad.

As Spring arrives, the apple tree is given many gifts. The bright green leaves that people can sit under and take a rest when they’re weary, and the beautiful fragrant blossoms that attract all the lovely birds that begin to decorate the tree’s limbs. Unfortunately…no stars. And when those big, red, lush apples appear - it is still not enough for the poor, little tree. Yes, they’re beautiful, but stars will always be the main goal and the ultimate prize. What the tree doesn’t know is that there is a very large surprise on its branches, and readers have to guess exactly what that is!

This is one of those kind, generous tales that remind people of the famous Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree. As we all know, that was a sad little tree that needed love, whereas this apple tree begs for something ‘special,’ as well.

Quill Says: A heartwarming tale with a little surprise that kids will absolutely love!

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