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Tape It & Make It: 101 Duct Tape Activities

Tape It & Make It: 101 Duct Tape Activities

By: Richela Fabian Morgan
Publisher: Barron's Educational Series
Publication Date: September 2012
ISBN: 1438001355
Reviewed by: Deb Fowler
Review Date: September 25, 2012

One of the most ingenious and fun craft products I’d seen in some time was a duct tape wallet. James was quite excited, as was his proud grandmother, when he showed me his wallet. He’d worked long and hard on it and, amazingly, it was a functional craft that he was actually using. Duct tape activities and art have become quite popular with the middle school set, who are becoming bored with the run-of-the-mill types of crafts such as Popsicle stick pencil holders or snowmen made out of paper plates. They want fun and functional. Forget the old-fashioned stuff.

Duct tape no longer comes in that simple gray any more, but is now coming on the market in numerous, vibrant colors and designs. It simply begs to be purchased and used in crafts for people of all ages. The author’s very own daring handbag “is a red, white and black duct tape confection finessed into a faux Burberry plaid.” Instructions are given for a cell phone case and a bi-fold wallet, something that she may have tucked inside that handbag. Many people were wowed by her creation as I was by James’s wallet.

In the introductory section there are brief overviews of tools needed for the projects, colors and patterns, creating duct tape fabrics, and one on dealing with your workspace. There is a little method to the madness of working with duct tape and in order to prevent frustration, I’d recommend carefully reading this section. The tools are simple and can be obtained at a local craft or big box store. Each craft has a sidebar listing the needed materials and tools, has step-by-step instructions, and photographic visuals. And so what kind of projects are in this book? I’ll give you a sneak peek and list them all!

Chapter 1: Accessories

1. Feather
2. Headband
3. Two-finger Ring
4. Two-Tone Bracelet
5. Fingerless Gloves
6. Belt
7. Flower Barrette
8. Striped Apron
9. Vest
10. Bucket Hat
11. Striped Necktie

Chapter 2: Housewares

12. Loose Coin Holder
13. Picture Frame
14. Decorative Letters
15. Plastic Bad Dispenser
16. Table Runner
17. Fork and Knife Placemat
18. Vase
19. Duct Tape “Painting”
20. Beverage Cozy
21. Beverage Coaster

Chapter 3: Cushions, Pads, Mats, and Pillows

22. Seat Cushion
23. Back Pillow
24. Square Pillow Cover
25. Red Heart Pillow
26. Meditation Mat
27. Penguin Pillow
28. Travel Diaper Changing Mat
30. Duck Pillow
31. Candy Wrapper Style Pillow
32. Mouse Pad

Chapter 4: Decorative Stickers

33. Butterfly
34. Crow
35. Red Apple
36. Sports Car
37. Peace Sign
38. Sun
39. Surfing Wave
40. Jolly roger
41. Planet Earth
42. Trestle Bridge

Chapter 5: Bags, Holders, and Wallets

43. Laptop Case
44. Black and White Clutch
45. Small Tote Bag
46. Beach Bag
47. Lunch Bag
48. ID Holder
49. Cell Phone Case
50. Bi-Fold Wallet
51. Tri-Fold Wallet
52. Pencil Case
53. Eyeglass Case
54. Activity Bag
55. Messenger T-Bag

Chapter 6: Flowers

56. Calla Lily
57. Red Rose
58. Sunflower
59. Cherry Blossom
60. White Peony
61.. Hot Pink Hibiscus
62. Orchid
63. Iris
64. Yellow Tulip

Chapter 7: Toys for Kids

65. Chess/Checker Board
66. Blue Boy Doll
67. Pink Girl Doll

Chapter 8: Masks

68. Elephant Mask
69. Leopard Mask
70. Zebra Mask
71. Cat Mask
72. Dog Mask
73. Jump Rope
74. Backgammon Board
75. Boat

Chapter 8: Costumes, Disguises, and Props

76. Glossy Beard
77. Superhero Cape
78. Pirate Hat
79. Knight’s Sword
80. Knight’s Shield
81. Robot
82. Ace Card
83. Grass Skirt

Chapter 9: Seasonal

84. Hanging Tree Ornament
85. Candy Cane Ornament
86. Decorative Red Bow
87. Mini Wreath
88. Stocking
89. Mistletoe
90. Spring Banner
91. Easter Basket

Chapter 10: Miscellaneous Projects

92. Repairing a Book Cover
93. Guitar Strap
94. Fixing the Hem on a Pant Leg or Skirt
95. Luggage Tag
96. Wild Headphone Cord
97. Bookmark
98. Book Cover
99. Patch for Ripped Denim Jeans
100. Fish Key Chain
101. Reupholstering a Bar Stool

As anyone can easily see there are projects galore to keep youngsters busy for quite some time. Many of these projects are quite unique, unlike some of the old standards. Things like the wallets and the duck pillow are my favorites, but there is enough variety to please a passel of kids and not just on a rainy day. This is a marvelous book that is sure to please crafters who want a little something different to work with and that something is duct tape!

Quill says: If you want your youngsters to experience something new in the craft department, duct tape art is "in!"

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