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Tabitha Fink and the Cowboy Code

Tabitha Fink and the Cowboy Code

By: Rick Felty
Publisher: Dreamschooner Press
Publication Date: September 5, 2023
ISBN: 978-0-984052738
Reviewed by: Katie Specht
Review Date: August 2, 2023

From author Rick Felty comes the fifth adventure of Tabitha Fink, this time set in the wild west, entitled Tabitha Fink and the Cowboy Code. Tabitha Fink is the sheriff of her beloved western town, and it is up to her to protect it from an unpleasant stranger who shows up one day.

In Tabitha Fink’s latest escapade, we follow her through her town, as she introduces her townsfolk and the respective jobs they perform. Life in town is peaceful until one day a scary-looking man and his tired horse walk down the main street. Tabitha Fink offers to help him, but the scary-looking man declines her help and discloses to her that his name is Ornery the Outlaw because he has no friends. Through the course of the story, Tabitha Fink, along with her friends in town, shower Ornery the Outlaw and his horse with kindness and, in turn, they experience what it’s like to have true friends. Tabitha Fink and her friends even help Ornery the Outlaw to reconcile with his old friend Rusty.

Felty’s latest Tabitha Fink adventure is another fun-filled journey that young readers are sure to love. The illustrations are adorable, and the fact that there is a real Tabitha Fink that you can read about on Felty’s website just adds to the excitement. Kids are sure to appreciate being able to see a picture of the real cat Tabitha Fink.

With such a short, simple story, it isn't easy to impart life lessons, but Felty has a true talent as he is able to teach kids valuable lessons about kindness, forgiveness, and how to be a good friend. Sometimes, even the simplest gesture can make a world of difference to a person who feels like he doesn’t have any true friends. In a world where kindness is quickly fading and being replaced by narcissistic tendencies, this is one of the most significant morals we can impart to our youth today. Felty does a superb job of explaining this in the most simplistic way, so even the youngest of readers will be able to understand this philosophy and put it into practice with their friends and playmates.

Quill says: Rick Felty has achieved another winner with Tabitha Fink and the Cowboy Code. Young fans of Tabitha Fink will be thrilled to embark on yet another adventure with her and her friends, while learning about the values of kindness and forgiveness.

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