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Spell Bound (Otherworld, Book 12)

Spell Bound (Otherworld, Book 12)

By: Kelley Armstrong
Publisher: Dutton (Penguin)
Publication Date: July 2011
ISBN: 978-0-525-95220-6
Reviewed by: Amy Lignor 
Review Date: July 2, 2011 

This is the twelfth installment of the “Otherworld” series, and it may just be the best one yet! Kelley Armstrong has offered all sorts of demons, witches, vampires, werewolves, fallen angels - a little bit of everything - with each novel she produces. And, in Spell Bound, Ms. Armstrong has brought some truly beloved characters back together again in order to support, offend, kill, maim, and…fall in love with, Savannah Levine.

Savannah Levine (for anyone out there who is still unfamiliar with this series) is a PI, and has just returned from her very first ‘detective’ case which didn’t end well. Walking slowly into a hotel, Savannah is trying to get over the fact that she has just solved the murder of three women and sent a half-demon back to Hell…but she feels absolutely broken. You see, after solving the crime the wrong person was incarcerated - taken away from a little girl who truly needed her family. But when Savannah whispers in her own mind that she would gladly give up her own powers to “fix” this mess, she had no idea who was listening.

Savannah soon finds out that all of her “spells” are gone; she can’t even unlock a door anymore because her wealth of “magic” has suddenly disappeared. Perhaps The Fates had heard her and took her up on the offer, yet everyone knows that The Fates don’t work that way.

Soon, Adam - the half-demon who Savannah has been in love with since she was twelve, and who is now her best friend - appears by her side. Together, they enter into a seriously messed-up situation that involves, an odd “pair” who are going to demons door-to-door and leaving no trace of themselves behind except a dead body; a small witch-hunter who seems to desperately want to kill Savannah, yet her plan is far more underhanded; Jaime - the psychic friend who has Savannah’s mother, ‘Eve,’ sitting on her shoulder as she performs psychic shows across the country; Hope, the daughter of Lucifer and wife of a werewolf, who is currently about to have a baby and can’t seem to stop having nightmarish visions about Savannah holding a strange sword; and, the list goes on, as readers are handed one of the best “Otherworld”-ly books to date.

As the characters come forth, readers learn that the supernatural world may be facing a great enemy. In fact, a maelstrom is about to blow through their world and expose each and every one of them to the normal humans who will want nothing more than to study, examine, and carve them all up. The War is coming, and Savannah seems to be one supernatural girl who both ‘sides’ want on their team.

Quill Says: As always, fans will not be disappointed. All the old characters are back, but this twelfth installment seems to be setting the stage for a grand finale!

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