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Author Interview: Simon Plaster

Today, Feathered Quill reviewer Amy Lignor is talking with Simon Plaster, author of SPOTS: A Tale of Star-Struck Misfame and Misfortune

FQ: Let us begin with this: You are either an AVID TV-watcher or you have done research to the nth degree on TV advertising. How on earth did you get all of those brands and slogans for these companies wrapped into your mystery? And for fun...if you had to pick a favorite, which brand/slogan would it be?

PLASTER: Thank you, Amy, thank you very much for reading my book. Most folks out here seem to prefer old Farmers Almanacs. Like most folks everywhere tend to click off TV commercials that interrupt the shows. I my own self will take a Geico spot over a Saturday Night Live skit any ol' night of the week. That contrary inclination, I suppose, goes back to my favorite TVC of all time: The one for Buster Brown Shoes that hooked me with its opening line, to-wit: "Plunk your magic twanger, Froggie!"

FQ: Finish this sentence: If I had not become a writer, I would be a __________ .

PLASTER: I would be a less big-bottomed ol' boy, less broke, with more time on my hands to court gals. Writing books makes the days go by way too fast and tires you out.

FQ: Commercials and ads have taken over our lives, especially with the internet "popping" up advertising campaigns all the time. Even authors get wrapped up into having to do internet campaigning with blogs, websites, tweets, etc. How do you personally feel about that area of the writing world? Would you prefer it if it went back to more book signing events where you meet people in person and move away from the digital realm?

PLASTER: Not liking those ads popping up makes you your own self sound like one of the "whack-a-mole" TIVO types I mentioned, Amy. I my own self would druther chat online with a purty gal like you than go to a book signing, where the few who come are big ol' boys wanting their money back.

FQ: I am a lover of humor/satire/sarcasm, although there are many who may not "get it." Upon saying that, do you ever worry about backlash that could come from some of your words?

PLASTER: Yes, I hardly ever leave the house due to backlash by a neighbor's dog, who took offense at me calling her ---- the neighbor ---- the b-word after she about chewed off my right foot.

FQ: It seems that everything is either a "platform" or a "debate" in these modern times. Which usually always leads to an argument. Do you have any ideas on how we can get the world to lighten up a bit?

PLASTER: Well, like you say, there are those who stubbornly argue for low carbs and those who debate lard versus vegetables. I my own self follow the "drinking man's diet," even though I have yet to lose any weight.

FQ: Are readers going to stay with Henrietta in OKC for awhile? What do we have to look forward to in 2018?

PLASTER: Henrietta her own self would like to be stayed with by a boyfriend who has a steady job and can afford to pay half the rent on an apartment. Readers can look forward to a next tale about a docudrama film getting made in OKC, which has high hopes of becoming the Hollywood of the Plains.

FQ: Do you have a personal mentor when it comes to writing?

PLASTER: Yes. Though he has repeatedly demanded that I not to tell anyone, Marty Lowry ---- a jack of all trades at Mossik Press ---- is largely to blame for my penmanship.

FQ: Is it possible the citizens of OKC will run you out of town? (LOL) Or do they have a sense of humor when it comes to your writing?

PLASTER: Like I say, OKC citizens who I know pretty much stick to the Farmers Almanac ---- or at least say that's all the reading they have time for --- and seem not much interested in my writing. For entirely other reasons, however, several locals ---- mainly gals ---- have told me to go away.

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