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Share with Brother

Share with Brother

By: Steven L. Layne
Illustrated by: Ard Hoyt
Publisher: Pelican Publishing Company
Publication Date: December 7, 2010
ISBN: 978-1-5898-0860-7 
Reviewed by: Amy Lignor
Review Date: January 8, 2011

Charming is the word that comes to mind as you read this absolutely adorable children’s book that really gets to the heart of sibling rivalry.

Two cuddly bunnies have the luck of being related. The oldest sibling becomes sick and tired of Mommy and Daddy ALWAYS telling him that he must share with his brother. The parents make sure he knows: “Share with brother and someday brother will share with you.” The oldest is always followed around by the little cretin who won’t leave him alone. Even when his friends come over to play, little brother has to always be there begging to be a part of his older brother’s exciting world. Soon tempers rise and the oldest is sent to his room for his unruly and selfish behavior. Of course…this is hard to understand. After all, why must he constantly put up with his brother when he should be able to have a life too?

When the baby gets sick, though, and can’t come out of his room, it is big brother who races to his side with ice cream, toys, and anything else he can do to make the sick baby feel better again. As the pages progress, the moral of the story is front and center culminating in a sweet, extremely funny ending.

All fans of Steven Layne, including myself, will be so happy to have another one of his fantastic books in their hands. Mr. Layne has written many works of juvenile fiction, and a young adult novel entitled This Side of Paradise, which was an extremely well-written novel full of suspense and intrigue. In fact, the next in his series – Paradise Lost – is coming out very soon and all fans are looking forward to that one.

This review would not be complete without mentioning the wonderful work done by Ard Hoyt. Thirty-one color illustrations are offered in this great read that are truly works of art. Mr. Hoyt has worked with many authors – even collaborating with John Lithgow on the New York Times bestselling children’s book, I’m a Manatee. This author and illustrator have worked together before on many children’s titles and, yet again, they never fail to deliver a book that will live in our imaginations far into adulthood.

Quill says: Cute, adorable, funny…pure enjoyment from a fantastic writer and a true artist. Your children will laugh out loud and you’ll rush to the phone, call up your sibling, and say ‘I Love You.’ (I’m dialing now!)

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