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Sergio Makes A Splash

Sergio Makes A Splash

By: Edel Rodriguez
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company
Publication Date: May 2008
Reviewed by: Holly Connors
Review Date: November 2008

Watch out world! Sergio has arrived and he’s ready for some fun! Sergio Makes a Splash! is a delightful story of a penguin who is afraid to swim in the ocean.

Sergio is a very happy penguin who loves everything about water. He loves to swim in the bathtub, run around in the rain, play with the water sprinkler, and drink lots of water. Sergio loves everything about water, but only if it isn’t deep. When Sergio’s class goes on a field trip, the adorable little penguin is thrilled until he learns that the destination is the ocean. As the other penguins run to the cliff to jump into the ocean, Sergio is hesitant. Will he follow his friends and dive in?

Author Edel Rodriguez has done a fantastic job of tackling a subject that many children face – fear of the unknown. Sergio admits to his teacher, “I’m scared.” Mrs. Waddle, the teacher, gently explains that there is nothing to fear. Sergio’s friends, too, join in the confidence building by telling the frightened penguin how wonderful the water is. I particularly enjoyed Rodriguez’s illustrations, playful and bright. Children, too, will enjoy the suspense after Sergio finally jumps off the cliff and into the water. There are two pages of just ocean, sans penguin. What happened to Sergio? Is he okay? They’ll certainly cheer as they turn the page to see Sergio pop out of the water, a huge smile on his face.

Quill says: Sergio is a great confidence builder and a very fun story to boot.

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