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Secrets Kids Know…That Adults Oughta Learn: Enriching Your Life by Viewing It Through The Eyes of a Child

Secrets Kids Know...That Adults Oughta Learn: Enriching Your Life by Viewing It Through The Eyes of a Child

By: Allen Klein
Publisher: Viva Editions
Publication Date: September 2017
ISBN: 978-1632280534
Reviewed by: Diana Buss
Review Date: November 17, 2017

“Pretty much all the honest truth telling there is in the world is done by children.” - Oliver Wendell Holmes SR.

Secrets Kids Know...That Adults Oughta Learn uncovers the secret to living a happier, more joyful life. Each chapter reveals a different secret along with a corresponding quote and illustration. Not only does this show the reader the purpose of the following chapter but it is easier to scan through and find the right secret for the right situation.

Within each chapter, stories and examples are told that pertain to the secret as well as a section called "Through the Eyes of a Child" that provides jokes and other fun tidbits to share with others. For example, “Why did the raisin go to the dance with a prune? Because he couldn't get a date!” While some may seem corny, they are sure to make you smile and share with those around you.

Each chapter ends with a section titled "Grow Down," where practical tips and tricks are offered to help you get in touch with the child within. With suggestions from finding ways to be fully present and experiencing everything as if it were the first time to having more fun and brightening up a stressful situation, these 18 secrets will give you a fresh outlook on this sometimes daunting experience called life.

There's something sweet about remembering the way things were as a child. While you may not remember specific incidences it's easy to think about how much simpler times were back then. It's pretty often I find myself wishing things were so simple again, and truly it's often because we lose the child in us. This book helps put us back in touch with who we once were. I think this book was sweet and a nice reminder of what we miss when we grow up and become much too busy in our own worlds. If you get the chance to pick up this book, do it. Your inner child and tired, overwhelmed self will thank you for it.

Quill says: Secrets Kids Know...That Adults Oughta Learn is a cute book to help remind you to stop and smell the roses.

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