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Author Interview: Scott Martin

Today we're talking with Scott Martin, author of Phillywood

FQ: Mr. Martin, I must ask, are you a fan of Kerouac’s journey On the Road because this is truly something that reminds this particular reader that the country is so large, the people so varied and gives other readers a chance to understand various opinions.

I read On The Road in 1970 when I was 18 at the same time I kept a journal which became the impetus for my first novel, Seeds In The Mist. Jack’s knowledge and love for music is sometimes forgotten.

FQ: Historically you bring up a great many points regarding economy, war, politics, etc.. Are you a researcher by trade?

I have written self-generated non-fiction that involved extensive trips to the library. I submitted fascinating bibliographies at the conclusion of, Explorations, The Collected Articles, and History Paper.

FQ: I know that you studied poetry-is this the style you like to write in? I ask because your poetic style, especially with the descriptions of locations, such as Dobbs Ferry-had almost a ‘romantic’ note to them.

I have written straight forward papers and articles but I thought a novel honoring Philadelphia needed a Sunday punch.

FQ: Can you give us your take on the world of publishing as it stands today? Such as, how do feel about the rage of eBooks instead of ‘traditional’ printing?

I am also a publisher. The goal is to publish five or six of my friend Brenda Faye Collie’s novels targeted for teens consecutively. Right now we have one title in the market- Almost A Senior. Check it out at our distributor, Atlas Books (Bookmasters), also check our website, We made an E conversion with this but contrary to popular surveys the print book is selling better.

FQ: In addition, can you tell readers how you feel about networking in this industry? Are you a fan of the social media way of doing things and selling titles by using Facebook, Twitter, etc.?

I am signed up for Facebook and Twitter, but I’m not sure if my message is expressed well in these mediums. Emails are enough for me.

FQ: I always ask…if there was one writer, past or present, who you could sit with and have dinner, who would that be? And what is the one thing you would love to ask them?

One of the most engaging authors I ever tried to read was the author of the USA trilogy, John Dos Passos-The 42nd Parallel, 1919, and The Big Money. – My Dad told me Dos Passos was once a CIA agent. I think I’d simply ask him how fast the streamline trains from New York to Chicago ran?

FQ: Should readers expect another title soon?

The next title from Daylight Books will be the second novel in Brenda Faye Collie’s "Loresha Evans trilogy," College Freshman 101.

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