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Sammie and the New Baby

Sammie and the New Baby

By: Sue Gilligan-Hannon
Illustrated by: Morgan Spicer
Publisher: Gilligan Publishing
Publication Date: December 2020
ISBN: 978-1735961408
Reviewed by: Ellen Feld
Review Date: February 2021

Debut author Sue Gilligan-Hannon introduces readers to her two adorable goldendoodles, Sammie and Lulu, in her new book, Sammie and the New Baby, the first in a planned series of books that tackle topics common to young families.

Sammie is a very, very happy dog who just loves and adores her family. She gets to go on long walks with her daddy and go for car rides with her mommy where she can stick her head out of the window and enjoy all the great smells as they zoom along. And probably Sammie's favorite activity is eating. Eating from her doggie bowl, eating from the kitchen table, eating from...just plain ol'eating.

There are so many fun things Sammie does with her family like playing ball, taking a nap in the sun, and oh yes, did I mention she loves to eat? Life is good for Sammie - she loves her family and she knows they all love her.

One day, some strange things appear at the house - a baby gate, a new food bowl, a blanket, a ball...wait a minute, this doesn't look good to Sammie. The lovable goldendoodle is then dismayed to discover a new puppy in the house. How could her family get another dog? And what's worse is that her whole family seems completely charmed by Lulu, the new puppy.

Author Gilligan-Hannon has written a delightful story about welcoming a new baby into a family. Instead of showing the usual reactions of a young child to a new baby, the author tells her story through the eyes and thoughts of a dog. Children will easily get drawn into the story of Sammie, who suddenly feels that her family has forgotten about her once the new puppy arrives. The illustrator, Morgan Spicer, has done a fantastic job of creating two very cute dogs who help capture the imagination and will likely delight children. Kids will fall in love with Sammie and Lulu and come to understand that having a new baby doesn't mean that they will be forgotten by their family but instead realize that a new sibling can bring a whole lot of fun. And Sammie's discovery, at the end of the story, of the trouble, that he and Lulu can get into will give kids a giggle.

Quill says: Welcoming a new baby into the family can be a challenging and stressful time, but Sammie and Lulu are ready and eager to help ease the transition with their adorable new story, Sammie and the New Baby.

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