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Sally Loves…to Dance!

Sally Dance!

Written/Illustrated by: Jody Mackey
Publisher: Champ Youth, Inc
Publication Date: October 2014
ISBN: 978-0-692-34378-4
Reviewed by: Holly Connors
Review Date: March 2016

All young girls need to be encouraged to ‘reach for the stars,’ and in this charming book by Jody Mackey, they’ll see what happens when a young dancer goes for her dream.

At the opening of the story, we meet Sally, a young lady who loves to dance. She loves ballet and even has pink ballet shoes and takes lessons. But it isn’t just ballet that Sally loves; she loves all types of dance from jazz to disco, and everything in between. While Sally enjoys all forms of dance, her absolute favorite style is hula dancing. There’s nothing she likes more than standing in front of her mirror practicing while her faithful dog, Little Mack, happily watches her.

Sally has a friend, Evangelyne, who is a hula dancer and even gets to dance at luaus. One day, Evangelyne asks Sally to dance with her at the Hawaiian festival. Sally is both excited and nervous. She’d LOVE to dance at a luau, but can she? Will she be able to perform the dance correctly?

Sally Dance! is a sweet story about a girl who, although at first hesitant, decides to go for her dreams. The results are wonderful (Sally wishes the dance could go on forever), and opens new and exciting doors for the young dancer. Readers will see how Sally, with the help of her family and her best friend Evangelyne, was able to overcome her fear and do the one thing she wanted most – to dance a luau. Combine this upbeat story with the author’s simple, yet lovely illustrations, and you have a wonderful story to engage youngsters who will be inspired to reach for their dreams.

Quill says: A sweet story that will inspire youngsters to reach for their dreams.

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