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Ruth Ready: While you’re waiting on your Boaz, you better be…

Ruth Ready: While you’re waiting on your Boaz, you better be...

By: Kitty Arceneaux
Publisher: Kitty Isaac-Arceneaux
Publication Date: September 2019
ISBN: 978-1075494741
Reviewed by: Diane Lunsford
Review Date: October 2019

Ruth Ready is Kitty Arceneaux’s thought-provoking, faith-based book that focuses on what it takes to build a solid relationship between man and woman.

Before settling into the meat of Ruth Ready, Ms. Arceneaux sets the tone with: ‘My intention is to help position you for a man that can guide you to a place worth going to, a man with focus, courage and determination.’ True to her words, Arceneaux explains her methodology in that she developed the content of her book by sourcing many single women. The ‘tag line’ to challenge her audience was for them to understand why they were ‘...waiting on my Boaz...’ From the onset, Arceneaux uses ‘Boaz’ (from the bible) as the premise of the guide women should seek in finding their soul mate—forever someone, life partner, etc. However, as the writing evolves, Arceneaux delves deeper into the concept and importance of not only adhering to a committed faith and belief in God, but to also ‘...take responsibility for anything in the relationship that went sideways...’ This is a skewed perception on what really attributes to the end of a relationship.

Ms. Arceneaux outlines her book in logical fashion in a step-by-step journey of chapters that build one upon the other; beginning with ‘Chapter One - Love is...’ She challenges her audience with laying out her own marriage that began in 2002 and the premise that she was faced with the daunting question of: ‘...I had to question if I was Ruth-Ready even though I never ever said I was waiting on my Boaz...’ She anchors the notion with the concept that many females get caught up in. We classify affections in the same category as love, but we don’t understand the true definition of love—often confused with lust or the physical attraction. Throughout the read, the audience will discover several opportunities to understand the importance of God as much as accountability and ownership of his/her contribution to the budding relationship—specifically the woman and whether (or not) she is ‘Ruth Ready.’

Ms. Arceneaux delivers a succinct and direct body of work in Ruth Ready. Just under 100 pages, it is packed with many opportunities for one to pause and reflect on his/her relationship. While the book focuses on the woman’s perspective in what it takes to ‘find her Boaz’ and be ‘Ruth Ready’ in a relationship, there are ample passages where a man could learn volumes from the premise as well. The writing flows and the book is laid out in a logical progression where one chapter sets the tone for the next to come. There are several vignettes toward the end of the book where Ms. Arceneaux shares accounts from real case studies and how their journey of ‘finding Boaz’ helped them along the way in their respective lives. Arceneaux is quite connected with her faith and often uses the importance of seeking the wisdom of God in fulfilling the richness of a complete and lasting relationship. The only area where this book often fell short was in the editing. There are numerous areas throughout the read where grammar and punctuation has been overlooked. I would caution Ms. Arceneaux to address this as it does take away from the overall read. Aside from that, this was an enjoyable and certainly, thought-provoking body of work.

Quill says: Ruth Ready is a great guide for those who are solid in their lasting relationship as much as those who are in search of the ‘perfect’ happily ever after.

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