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Rendezvous Rock

Rendezvous Rock

By: Ricky Bray
Publisher: Robert Reed Publishers
Publication Date: April 2009
ISBN: 978-1934759257
Reviewed by: Deb Fowler
Review Date: November 2, 2010

Eric and Susan were young and in love, in as much love as any simple summer romance could offer two fifteen-year-olds. It was a “mismatched love affair” as his parents were millionaires and hers were nothing more than “mid-American trailer trash.” The elixir of love didn’t discriminate and it made no matter to Eric that he was an Episcopalian and she a declared witch. He was amused as she elicited a vow of true love from him as she proposed to marry him on Rendezvous Rock at midnight, the bewitching hour. Susan had woven a bracelet with her beautiful red hair to bind to his ankle as a remembrance of the night. Her mother, Florine, wanted reassurance that she had made the proper choice. Yes, she claimed, “He is the halfling that Sun Burst said would come. I will have him for my familiar and bear the Tertiary, or I will fail.” (pg. 14).

Midnight soon arrived and the young couple consummated their love, vowing to return in ten years. Eric knew little about the impact of the vows he had taken, but Susan innately knew that what they had done had been portended for thousands of years. She danced for the Pale Queen and was ready for the future, but he knew little of what was expected of him. Susan’s father, Russell, a familiar himself, was unsure that Eric would return. The young man was the Final Halfling and Susan, or Moon Tree, were a couple who had much to live up to. Russell knew “his sweetly dispositioned daughter carried the babe, who would carry the Changling, who would change the world forever.” (pg. 36) The girl with the red hair and mysterious emerald eyes would bear a daughter just like her. Sunburst, her granny, arrived to take her north on her year-long journey.

The prophecy had begun and the young couple had started their journeys. Eric soon learned about his heritage and would be trained to become a man, a warrior. The destiny of an entire race depended on their sole progeny. Susan’s child, whom she named Gayle, was soon born. She was Terra Fey reborn. Some would call her Thunder Witch because of her amazing powers. Night Bane, the Warlock, would later say that “Her child [Gayle’s] will be a male child who shares her unique talents. From his seed will blossom a thousand daughters bearing this new blood. They will be the mothers of a new race, what Thunder Witch’s Father has named Homo superious . . . ” (pg. 375) Yet there were others who wanted to kill their child, “The Changling,” as she represented the AntiChrist. Would Gayle survive the onslaught of those who wished her dead? Would Eric survive his training? If he did, would he remember his vow to return to Rendezvous Rock?

This seemingly simple tale, which starts off with a summertime romance between two young people, quickly explodes into an amazingly intricate, adventurous fantasy. The end result could have epic consequences to the civilization as we now know it. This is one of those tales that the reader slowly picks up pieces of the puzzle and puts them together. We know within the first few pages that Susan is a witch and embraces its creed as her religion, a religion she takes quite seriously. The secret history of her clan is slowly dispersed throughout the pages of the book.

At first I thought there were several minor intertwined tales, but soon discovered it was akin to knitting an intricate Aran in which every stitch, or in this case “word,” counts. The author had the uncanny ability to weave this tale in such a manner that continued to pique my interest throughout the entire book. My only criticism is that I would have appreciated a cast of characters in the front as it became confusing at times. For example, Jack also had the moniker Night Stalker and was the First Paladin. That aside, if you want to experience the power of a glammer in a book, get ready to be mesmerized!

Quill says: If you want a tightly woven tale of mystery, romance, adventure, and fantasy all rolled into one, you’ll certainly enjoy Eric and Susan’s story. You will be quickly drawn into the world of The Three Circles and learn about the seldom seen, yet powerful force of those who may live among us!

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