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Remnant: An Anthology

Remnant: An Anthology

By: Roland Allnach
Publisher: All Things That Matter Press 
Publication Date: November 2010
ISBN: 978-0-9846-2970-1
Reviewed by: Amy Lignor 
Review Date: June 3, 2011 

This is an extremely interesting book - if a bit confusing at the beginning - that includes three separate stories, with the same underlying theme.

Readers begin with "All The Fallen Angels." Here, people are brought to a place called Nexus 9 - an outpost in space - where Stohko Jansing is still reliving some of the worst moments in his life. Stohko is a man who once was a major player in the military on a planet called Hermium. This was a planet of brilliant crystal seas and beautiful tropic sunsets. In fact, it was far more beautiful than Earth could ever think of being. Unfortunately for Stohko, something hideous happened on that planet, and he was arrested on the charge of war crimes. To save his life, he gave himself up to medical research and a woman named Siona, so that he could stay alive to get home to the woman he truly loved more than life.

When a man from Stohko’s past (and present, unfortunately) comes to him to let him know he must do a job, Stohko’s life becomes even worse. He must return to Hermium and “tow” a ship that contains people he thought he’d been done with back at the tribunal. His past continues to haunt him, as his mind flitters from past to present - reality to imaginary events - trying desperately to figure out who and what he has become.

In story number two, "Enemy, I Know You Not," readers are once again brought into a war. And again, as in "All the Fallen Angels," some of it is truth, while other parts are pure simulation, yet the characters have a hard time understanding what is fact and what is fiction. In this, we meet up with a Sergeant by the name of Ellister; he’s not in charge, but has a tendency to usurp Lieutenant Hovland, who has been “through the absolute wringer” when it comes to the worst of humanity. The “training events” that these particular soldiers must go through will keep the reader glued to the page…guaranteed.

Leaving the best for last, the author provides a heart-wrenching story about how Earth may just end up one day if we’re not more careful. In "Remnant," the plague has struck. There are very few people left on the earth, and the ones who are range from the most frightening examples of mankind to true heroes who want to save all they can…and, perhaps, find love again. Two men meet in the woods - one is named Peter. Peter is a man with a gun and a mission. He has lived with his memories of the family he lost for so long, and hasn’t communicated with others in so long, that trust is not exactly something Peter has a great deal of. When he saves a woman from a particular “slime bag,” Peter soon learns that loneliness breeds bad things, and that he needs the company of others to survive. But what he first must accomplish, is discovering who to believe and who is absolutely lying.

With each story offered, the author gets better and better. He also makes solid points about faith; trust; hope; and the horrible things that can happen to a person’s mind when they feel desperate and alone.

Quill Says: An interesting read. "Remnant," especially, is one story that all individuals should read and strive to understand.

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