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Probability Angels

Probability Angels

By: Joseph Devon 
Publisher: CreateSpace 
Publication Date: January 2009 
ISBN: 978-1441403865 
Reviewed by: Lauren E. Victor 
Review Date: September 9, 2009 

Probability Angels presents an intriguing perspective of a world parallel to our own, one that could very well exist both in our imaginations and on some plane of reality if we choose to believe. Joseph Devon allows us passage into the happenings of a sort of netherworld of 鍍esters迫people who have passed on from the living, but are not beyond some form of existence. Rather, their existence involves challenging the living to reach their potential and make choices that will better the world.

Essentially the storyline follows the existence of several testers, each of whom has his or her own life (and death) story to tell. The plot develops into a battle royal between good and evil forces, upon which the future of the living rests. The reader easily becomes invested in the plights of the major players as their pathways frequently intersect in captivating ways.

This novel offers up quite a bit to the audience: it痴 a sci-fi fantasy, it offers in-depth character portraits, and it keeps you rushing along in suspense throughout the second half, in particular. Devon is quite adept at detailing the scenery and actions; although, at times his imagery can seem abruptly unusual. Occasionally there are confusing moments that mandate a re-read of a few paragraphs, but for the most part this book has the ability to really draw the reader into this world. Amidst the action, Devon is skilled at interjecting moments of humor and irony, adding dimension to his work.

Devon clearly has a lively imagination and is skilled at creating a well-paced story. Furthermore, beyond just being an interesting work, there are deeper layers on which the reader is free to philosophize further. Despite a handful of awkward-to-read moments, Probability Angels is a world that is enjoyable to get lost in for a while.

Quill Says: A suspenseful story that inspires you to reconsider the reality of your own existence.

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