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Prayer Is Our Power

Prayer Is Our Power


By: Lonnie E. Pruitt 
Publisher: Outskirts Press, Inc. 
Publication Date: November 2008 
ISBN: 9781432732691 
Reviewed by: Cherie Burbach 
Review Date: April 2, 2009 

I couldn't think of a better gift for a fellow Christian than the book of poetry, Prayer Is Our Power. It is uplifting and lyrical, speaking to all readers regardless of where they are on their life's path. Clearly the author, Lonnie E. Pruitt, uses these poems as a way to show his thankfulness for God's influence in his life. But like any great book of poetry, Prayer Is Our Power also resonates on a universal level. In showing the reader how he appreciates the Lord's influence in his life, Pruitt offers a path to pray, listen, and feel God's presence so we can have that gift for our own lives.

The book provides a combination of personal reflections and prayers. The first poem, "Holy Prayer," serves as a guide, teaching Christians newly come to the faith how to speak to God with the confidence that your prayers will be heard. At the same time, this poem reminds those who know Christ what a blessing His love and grace truly are when the author writes, "Awaken our hearts to your glorious love." It speaks to every Christian, regardless of where we are on our faithful path.

The poem "Closer" has a beautiful rhythm, like listening to a favorite song hummed gently by a loved one. It moves you, draws you in, until before you know it you are singing along. "Let your faith be seen, so it may gleam amongst the stars."

In "Going Forward" we're reminded of God's plan for us, versus our own level of patience. Oh, if we only knew why things happened in the time that they do! It is a poem we can pull out when we are feeling stressed and unsure of the direction our life has taken. For that reason I also enjoyed the poem "What He Does For Me" and the final line, "Jesus planted the words in my heart, so I would know how to pray."

The poem "My Loving Father Forever" will appeal to every Christian who has struggled with dark times. God never promised that the Christian life would be easy. But He did say He will grant us eternal life, and when we are feeling so low from the bad things that can happen to us, prayers like this can help us through.

Prayer Is Our Power consists of almost 90 poems, ending with the aptly titled "Togetherness One Day" which speaks to the final day when we sit at the presence of God.

Quill says: A joyful read for daily inspiration, or to be savored in one sitting for an extra boost of faith when your spirit needs it most.

For more information on Prayer Is Our Power, please visit the book's website at: Outskirts Press

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