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One Hand, Two Hands: Oh, the Ways We Can Help With Our Hands!

One Hand, Two Hands: Oh, the Ways We Can Help With Our Hands!

By: Max Lucado
Illustrated by: Gaby Hansen
Publisher: Thomas Nelson Publishers
Publication Date: September 2010
ISBN: 978-1400316496
Reviewed by: Ellen Feld
Review Date: December 10, 2010

In One Hand, Two Hands we follow a little girl as she discovers what amazing things she can do with her hands. Upon waking up in the morning, she and her adorable dog smile in wonder at her ten fingers. Along with an array of stuffed animals that come to life to share in her joy, the reader is exposed to all sorts of things hands can do:

In water they’re wet.
In snow they feel cold.
Soap makes them clean
(at least, so I’m told).

As the young girl’s day progresses, she learns an important lesson – that her hands aren’t just for helping her, but they can also be used to help others. She can write a letter to her Grandma, give somebody a hug, and even help Mom with the dishes. On the last few pages there is a list of what “helping hands,” “kind hands,” and “loving hands” can do. While showing how important hands are to daily life, we also learn that they are a gift from God and we should thank him for this very special gift. The book is not overly preachy but instead has just the right amount of text devoted to giving thanks. While the rhyme is a little strained in parts:

Button your shirt.
Tie your own shoe.
Play in the band!
Do-dee do-dee-do,

overall, it works nicely to tell the story. The illustrations are perhaps the highlight, with bright and joyful artwork that should easily hold a young child’s interest.

Quill says: A nice book to help explain what special and loving things hands can help us do every day

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