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Oliver: The Cat Who Saved Christmas

Oliver: The Cat Who Saved Christmas

By: Sheila Norton
Publisher: St. Marin’s Press
Publication Date: October 2016
ISBN: 978-1-250-10847-0
Reviewed By: Kristi Benedict
Review Date: November 3, 2016

In a small quaint pub in a little town outside of London lives a sweet orange and white cat named Oliver. Ever since he was picked up as a little kitten by the pub’s owner, George, the two had become inseparable friends. Oliver loved his life living with George in a little apartment above the pub and even enjoyed spending time downstairs with all of the customers who came in, although he kept his distance when it became too crowded. One terrible night however, Oliver’s world is turned upside down as the pub catches fire. Luckily Oliver is able to warn George early enough so they are both able to get out, but in his frightened state Oliver runs off into the woods and becomes lost. Now, with no home, no owner, and no food in sight, a feeling of hopelessness comes over this poor little cat as he wonders if he will ever see George again.

Fortunately, before Oliver lost all hope a man named Daniel came upon him in the woods and seeing that Oliver was in distress, gathers him up and takes him home. When Daniel gets home and shows Oliver to his wife Nicky, it does not take them long to realize that this is the same cat that lived in the pub down the road and belonged to George. Wanting to let George know that the cat was safe they called him up and gave him the good news. He was so glad to hear the news that his wonderful cat was safe but sad to tell them that he would be unable to take George for a while as he was living with his sister in London while the pub was being rebuilt.

Not wanting to leave Oliver out in the cold but also not having the finances to take care of a cat full time, Nicky and Daniel ask for help from their neighbors, Sarah and Martin, in taking care of Oliver. They decide to split the responsibility of taking care of him, giving Oliver the choice to go back and forth to each of their homes until George is able to come back to take care of him. Oliver can’t help but think that he is such a lucky cat as now he not only has one family to look after him but two homes that he is welcome at. However, as Oliver observes the lives of these two families he notices that not everything is going well for them. Soon Oliver is determined to help these humans who have been so kind to him. Oliver vows to help make this the best Christmas season for everyone.

With the holiday season coming up I could not think of a sweeter or more heartwarming book than this story about Oliver. The way author Sheila Norton describes everything from Oliver’s point of view is wonderful and had me laughing out loud at parts where this cat is trying to figure out what we crazy humans are doing. As the holiday season progresses I am going to suggest this book to so many people for a perfect "curl up by the fire read" that will not disappoint.

Quill says: A perfect holiday book that makes you remember what makes life special.

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