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Oils (Just a Bit) to Keep Your Body Fit: What Are Oils?

Oils (Just a Bit) to Keep Your Body Fit: What Are Oils?

By: Brian P. Cleary
Publisher: Millbrook Press
Publication Date: August 2010
ISBN: 978-1580135924
Reviewed by: Deb Fowler
Review Date: October 10, 2010

A purple CATagorical cat, with a big toothy grin, points to his easel and tells us that the definition of the word 'oils' is "fats that are liquid at room temperature." Of course the sales cat, performing a demonstration in the supermarket, sets out three different kinds of oil and is more than happy to tell you which ones are good for you and how you can make wise choices. If you take a look at MyPyramid for Cats or Kids you aren't going to find oils on there, but you still need oils in your diet. The CATagorical cats are here to tell you what the oils are and which foods have them, how they benefit us, and where to find them.

These zany, goofy cats are all lined up and tell you that "Foods like almonds, olives, avocados, pumpkin seeds, / salmon, trout, and peanuts healthfully fulfill your needs." We need oils in our diet because they help us grow, protect our organ system, and (for all the vain cats out there) "give our hair a glow." Oils have fatty acids, a nutrient we all need to stay healthy. They link with vitamins D, E, K and/or A as they enter our bodies. There are many different kinds of oils, but "Oils made from sunflowers, corn and safflower too, / canola, fish, and nuts are all the healthiest for you." We need four to five teaspoons a day, but the CATegorical cats just want to make sure we don't end up as fat cats because we want to remain healthy and slim!

The CATegorical cats have just stopped by to tell us all about oils and how they will keep us fit. This book is one in the series, "Food Is CATegorical," a fabulously fun series of books that instructs young people how to eat properly. Most of the books are based on food groups, but this one gives a little boost in the overall food fitness area. I've read several CATegorical books and never tire of seeing these zany cats in action and love Brian Cleary's inimitable rhymes. Naturally, this book wouldn't be quite the same without Martin Goneau's marvelously appealing artwork. In the back of the book there are examples of how much oil can be found in certain foods and a reference to the MyPyramid for Kids website where young people can create their own plans.

Quill says: If you'd like a highly fun, educational series that will make learning about food easy, you just might want to consider this series!

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