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By: Michelle Olson
Illustrated by: Brian Kester
Publisher: Bellie Button Books
Publication Date: October 2018
ISBN: 978-1732370708
Reviewed by: Holly Connors
Review Date: October 6, 2018

Norman is a little red button who loved his job of keeping a coat closed, and keeping the person wearing said coat warm and comfortable. But that was all about to change...

The perfect job, and perfect life, that Norman had enjoyed all changed when the thread that held him in place started to come loose. He dangled and hung on, but soon, the thread broke and Norman tumbled to the ground. Without his job of keeping a coat closed and the person wearing the coat warm, he felt lost. He wandered about, not knowing what to do. Eventually he decided it was time to find a new job. But what?

Norman decided the best job would be one that would benefit the world the most. What could that be? The first job that came to mind was being a superhero. Now that sounded like fun! Norman rushed off to his parents' house to make his costume but when it was done, well, he just didn't look like a brave, fearless, fighter-of-crime superhero. It would never work. So what could he do? Next up, Norman thought of being a photographer. Wouldn't people love seeing photos taken from a button's perspective? Well, actually, it turns out that no, people wouldn't like those pictures. Would Norman ever find the right job?

When I first came upon Norman, I wondered how interesting a book about a button could be...surely, not very interesting. Boy was I wrong! What a great book. The story, while using the popular theme of "finding yourself," goes about it in a truly unique way. The story has plenty of "goofy" thrown in that kids will love, with silly comments and photographs. For example, Norman decides to become a dog walker because, "They're just hard can it be?" But when the reader turns the page, there's a photo of Norman, head down in the mud, clutching a dog's leash for dear life, with the accompanying text, "Apparently, it was very hard, especially for someone only two inches tall." And speaking of the photographs, they are the stars of this book! Fantastic photos of a simple red button (with eyes and eyebrows added through the magic of Photoshop), doing all sorts of things, truly make this book unique. If you want the perfect bedtime story that both children AND parents will enjoy, check out Norman - you won't be disappointed.

Quill says: An absolutely unique, fun, and delightful story of a little button who lost his way.

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