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No Birds Sing Here

No Birds Sing Here

By: Daniel V. Meier, Jr.
Published by: BQB Publishing
Publication Date: March 2021
ISBN: 978-1-945448-95-9
Reviewed By: Amy Lignor
Review Date: September 8, 2021

Sarcasm, irony, satire...these are things I find to be true gifts in both fiction as well as in people. (Humorous sarcasm, to be clear; not mean.) In fact, these particular traits are something I don’t believe I could live without. So when I received this specific book across my desk, I was soon reminded of Salinger (one of my favorites), and how complimentary masters of literary fiction, such as Salinger, Kerouac, and others would be of this particular author’s work.

Yes, this is a journey. A journey for Beckman and Malany, two young people who are both focused on the artistic/creative world even though at this particular point in time they feel like their dreams have no shot of actually coming true. This duo sets out to find themselves, their path, and meaning in their niche of the world that they share a passion for. Not only are their scenic miles filled with an unending barrage of humor, feelings, and emotions on every level that completely works for the characters and tale offered, but it is also a barrage that never gets stale or annoying (which is difficult to do with literary fiction).

When it comes to Beckman, this is a young man who is rebellious against his father’s way of thinking. His dad’s wealth is notable and he earns it from his law firm, a road that Beckman does not want to go down. Instead, Beckman loves to write. He is emotional about turning a phrase and sees his ultimate future being that of a novelist who has some very important and mind-blowing stories to gift to the reading public. While working in a run-down eatery as a lowly dishwasher, Malany enters his life. Suddenly, the clouds’ part, and Beckman can finally see a true purpose to his life other than writing. Malany not only stokes the fires of his heart, but she is also one who can write. Poetry is her chosen form and she certainly possesses the ability to engage humans with her creative words and observations of life.

As with most young writers who crave the career, readers are shown the despair that Malany and Beckman both have when it comes to aspects of their lives and their ability to reach their ultimate goal. The author skillfully pens these feelings and shares this—for lack of a better term—unforgettable odyssey with all of us. He doesn’t stop there, however. Not only are the main characters well-written, but emotions, humor, and reality come in many forms as other characters are introduced; characters that range from a pool player who is the definition of a classic redneck; to a bookstore owner who readers will never forget; to a flock of hypocrites who believe they are living in the ivory tower of the sophisticated academic arena and have the right to look down on others.

Poignant, engaging...Meier makes sure to show all sides of humanity while keeping his main couple so strong and interesting that it was difficult to say goodbye to Malany and Beckman when the story came to an end. No one is ever exactly as they seem to be in this story, (mirroring life perfectly), which will keep you on your toes throughout. And whether you are a fan of literary fiction, women’s fiction, or a fan of the ultimate road trip that reveals all types of human personas, this is the book for you.

Quill Says: Colorful dialogue, savvy insights, and that gift of sarcasm combine to make No Birds Sing Here incredibly memorable.

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