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My Fingerpaint Masterpiece Coloring Book

My Fingerpaint Masterpiece Coloring Book

By: Sherrill S. Cannon
Illustrated by: Kalpart
Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing
Publication Date: February 9, 2023
ISBN: 978-1-68235-812-2
Reviewed by: Kathy Stickles
Review Date: September 11, 2023

My Fingerpaint Masterpiece Coloring Book is a wonderful story that I really wish had been around when my children were little because they both would have adored it. Now, if I ever get any grandchildren, this story will be at the top of my list when they are ready for it.

My Fingerpaint Masterpiece Coloring Book begins as a simple story about a child in art class who is told to take the fingerpaints and make something using their imagination. After applying some paint to the paper, class ends and this budding artist has to pack up the unfinished painting and head home. Unfortunately, along the way, the wind picks up and steals the project from our artist and they can only stand there and watch as the painting blows away, never to be finished or even seen again, or so they think.

The painting actually ends up blowing straight into an art dealer’s building and onto a stack of projects that is being put together for a show. The artist never notices, and the painting is actually put into the show and wins a first-place ribbon. The child might never have known any of this had it not been for a trip to the mall with mom, where they see it hanging on the wall, now in a pretty frame. But what will happen when this young artist points out what happened?

My Fingerpaint Masterpiece Coloring Book is simply a lot of fun. The story is written in rhyme and it is very well done and flows along perfectly. There is so much about the book that I really loved but, at the top of my list, is the fact that the reader never knows throughout the story whether the budding child artist is a boy or a girl. That is left to your own imagination and I think that is an excellent way of writing it as the book will now be a perfect match for any child regardless of gender. The child will be able to put themselves in the place of the child in the book and imagine it is a story about them.

This story also teaches a valuable lesson about having to learn that not everyone in the world is honest or can understand what is in front of them. For the young artist in the story, it is a difficult lesson to learn as they see this group of adults saying all these incredible things about a painting that they do not even understand, while ignoring the poor child in front of them who wants them to know the painting is not by some famous artist but by a child in a school art class who just wanted to have fun. Not being able to accept that, they put the child down and call them a liar instead, just so they will not be wrong. While very unfair, it is also, unfortunately, how the world works at times.

Finally, I must commend the group that did the illustrations for the book. The pictures are excellent and so full of fun and life that they really bring the whole story together. The addition of coloring pages so that a child can make the story their own is absolutely perfect. My Fingerpaint Masterpiece Coloring Book is a great and entertaining story for any child, and I would highly recommend it to parents and to schools to be included on the bookshelf. You, and especially your children, will not be disappointed in any way.

Quill says: My Fingerpaint Masterpiece Coloring Book is a fabulous story for any child and has the added bonus of being a coloring book as well. Not only can a child enjoy the story, but they can create their own “masterpiece” to have forever. A perfect combination!

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