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My Cat Hates You By: Jim Edgar

My Cat Hates You

By: Jim Edgar
Publisher: Fireside
Publication Date: October 2008
ISBN: 978-1416598374 
Reviewed by: Ellen Feld 
Review Date: October 2008 

For every cat lover – and hater – there’s a brand new book bound to cause lots of giggles. My Cat Hates You is an hysterical look at the world of cats and cat behavior created by somebody who obviously knows cats all too well.

Following up on his 2004 hit Bad Cat, Jim Edgar continues the humorous look at his feline friends with almost 250 pages of annoyed, angry, strange, and downright goofy cats. Above each snapshot is the cat’s name, and beneath the photo is a caption that perfectly captures the moment. Spread throughout the book are ‘Infamous Feline Mug Shots,’ with a photo of the convict, his alias, and what he was charged with. There are also several ‘Disobedience School Yearbook’ shots which include the cat’s nickname and what he was voted most likely to become.

Although the author admits on his website that he is allergic to cats and doesn’t own one (or is not owned by one), it is obvious that he clearly understands the humor surrounding the feline species. There are some really great pictures in this book, including many of some truly fuming mad cats, teeth barred, ears flat back, ready to pounce. Cats with crossed-eyes, strange habits, unusual friends or toys, and bizarre sleeping routines also inhabit the pages of this book.

Whether you love or hate cats, you’ll get a chuckle out of this book.

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