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Author Interview: Mushtaq H. Jaafri

Today we're talking with Mushtaq H. Jaafri, author of The Quiet Mind: How to Attain and Maintain Inner Peace in Eleven Seconds

FQ: How did you come up with the specific time of eleven seconds for quieting the mind?

During my 30+ years of research and study of the metaphysical teachings, I found beyond any room for doubt that an average man or woman can not stop the incessant compulsive thinking of the mind for more than eleven seconds at a time. If you count backward from eleven to one, you too, will know that it is true.

FQ: What is the greatest challenge to quieting the mind, in your opinion?

In my opinion, the greatest challenge to quieting the mind is the ability to hold the mind quiet (without any thoughts) for eleven seconds at a time. With persistence and determination it can be overcome. I guarantee it!

FQ: It can be difficult to value this quiet space of mind, since it is so different from the way we normally think. Can you reiterate some of the benefits for readers who are new to these ideas?

The value of this quiet space of mind cannot be reiterated in words for the reason the benefits can only be experienced by the readers. In a psychic nutshell, it is a place where the Soul dwells. In this quiet space you experience yourself as a Soul, not as a theory but, as a reality in life. The sad thing is that you can only experience it in this quiet space.

FQ: Your experience at the University of Metaphysics sounds very interesting. Can you describe the curriculum there?

I had the good fortune of working directly with the Dean and the President of the University of Metaphysics. My Master's Degree studies included 30 academic subjects, plus 3 special subjects such as Psychic-Mystical Secrets of Getting Prayer Answered and Developing A Prosperity Mentality. My Master's Degree thesis was Exploring the Choice of Metaphysical Operation. My Doctoral Degree studies included 16 academic subjects such as Telepathic Thought Control, Meditational Programing, Meditational Synthesis, and Transcendent Visualization. My Doctoral Degreet thesis was The Seven Laws of Nature. Based on my thesis, I worte and self-published a new book The Seven Laws of Nature. This book is now available at or from Mushtaq Publishing. I also received a Practioners Diploma from the National Metaphysical Institute (a subsidy of the University). This diploma was awarded to engage professionally in the treatment of physical and menttal ailments through spiritual means. I am an Ordained Metaphysical Minister by the Metaphysics National Institute (an educational division of the University). I was published in Who's Who in Metaphysics.

FQ: Your book is dedicated to your father, who supported your spiritual education. Is there anyone else who’s been an inspiration to you in your studies?

Yes. Very definitely there have been many outstanding individuals who have been an inspiration to me and my studies. The very first name that comes to my mind is the name of Napoleon Hill, the author of the world famous book, Think and Grow Rich. The second person would be Earnest Holms, the founder of the Science of Mind church and Dr. Wayne Dyer and finally Dr. Kenneth Wapnick, the editor and founder of A Course in Miracles. My book is the essence of these teachings as I know it.

FQ: Was there a particular moment in your life when you realized your calling as a teacher of spiritual practices?

I believe that all teachers of spiritual teachings have somehow agreed with their Creator to do HIS work. What they teach and how they teach is all planned for them. Since English is my second language (as you noticed), I felt a calling to share this unique 'thought-system' with the world but it sounded like a crazy idea. Then, I heard someone say that "People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do." (By the way, it was Steve Jobs of Apple Computers who said this.) The funny thing is that with this decision, somehow everything came my way as if God has sent them.

FQ: Are you currently working on any new books?

My next book will be An Awaken Mind. One of my major goals is to find 'like-minded' people interested in learning the ideas in my book The Quiet Mind and help me teach to people all over the world. If you are interested as a facilitator of this teaching I ask that you please log on to my website: www.thequietmindstory.comand get the details of this worldwide movement to tip the scale in favor of world peace one person at a time.

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