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Murder on the Naval Base

Murder on the Naval Base

By: Behcet Kaya
Publisher: CreateSpace
Publication Date: February 2014
ISBN: 9781495478598
Reviewed By: Kristi Benedict
Review Date: July 31, 2014

Lieutenant Anderson Garret is devastated when he realizes his wife Bevin has been having an affair with a man he considered one of his greatest friends, Charles McPhearson. Bevin was the only woman Anderson had ever felt comfortable enough with to share his life, while many great memories were made with Charles and his family spending countless vacations together, but now Anderson is feeling betrayed by the two people he trusted most in this world. Not only has this affair been going on for a while but it adds salt to the wound when he finds out they were together briefly even before Anderson and Bevin were married. Yes, Anderson was upset and thought about confronting the two of them about this situation but committing murder was not an option he was considering. However, when both Bevin and Charles are shot and killed in broad daylight at the Officers’ club, all evidence and eye witness accounts points straight to Anderson. With no knowledge of what just happened Anderson is apprehended by the local police and charged with the murder of his wife and former friend.

When the trial begins the prosecuting team throws every detail out that they can, trying to convince the jury that the anger Anderson felt about the affair was enough to brutally kill the two people who were closest to him. Even though Anderson knows he did not do anything of the sort he begins to feel that proving his innocence will be next to impossible. The odds become better however, when an anonymous person pays for Anderson to have one of the best defense attorneys in the nation to represent him. Will it be enough, however, to convince the jury to decide Anderson is not guilty? Anderson’s freedom is on the line but with no other obvious suspects the defense team will have to dig deep in order to uncover the truth about this murder.

From the very first page this book had me hooked as it begins with a bang by laying out and describing the murder which had me instantly turning pages as quickly as I could. I was intrigued as I continued to read about the background of each character and the events leading up to the pivotal murder, and with a mystery book I think that is the greatest part. It is so much fun for me as a reader to feel as if I am putting together clues and facts just as the characters are but still be in the dark on a few secrets. That is exactly what Behcet Kaya did with this book as he included little details that help the reader put together pieces of the puzzle, but not enough to give anything vital away. In addition, while the opening to the story was definitely exciting, the ending had me biting my nails as there were so many unexpected twists that I completely did not see coming. This made for an amazing conclusion!

Quill says: A thrilling murder mystery that delivered non-stop secrets from beginning to end.

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