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Multiply on the Fly

Multiply on the Fly

By: Suzanne Slade
Illustrated By: Erin E. Hunter
Publisher: Sylvan Dell Publishing
Publication Date: August 2011
ISBN: 978-1-6071-8138-5
Reviewed by: Amy Lignor 
Review Date: August 2011

As most readers already know, math is not exactly an easy subject to learn. In fact, math is one of the - if not THE - hardest subjects to embrace, let alone master. And that’s mainly because math is not exactly a creative enterprise. But, with Sylvan Dell and their mission to help children learn any subject and learn it well, this wonderful book certainly shows the “artistic” side of math. With beautiful illustrations, a rhyming story, as well as an almost “singable” plot, this book allows children to not only learn math, but also makes them WANT to learn math.

The incredible author, Suzanne Slade, is the author of over eighty books for children including everything from biographies to picture books. And the illustrator is amazing, able to take the natural world into a new multiplication dimension. From nighttime fireflies that light up the darkness with their brilliant glowing lights going on and off; to a set of ladybugs, with their black spots, leisurely sitting on a beautiful garden flower - this illustrator truly embraces the world of multiplication, and shows every child that math CAN be fun! Not only that, but the activity pages included in the book, using each and every insect to help with multiplication tables, are pure entertainment and a great way to learn.

Quill Says: It is not often that a parent or child enjoys the complexities of math, but this is one book that is sure to delight everyone!

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